About Us

Salvation Press is non-governmental, non-denominational and non-profitable website set up and managed by Ritsam Publishing Ventures with the sole aim of publishing end times news headlines and propagating the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to people of all creeds, cultures and traditions all over the world.

The need for the creation of this site was borne out the fact that many people, especially those in advanced countries in the world spend more time on the computer than every other gadget both at home and other places outside the home such as offices, schools, clubs and hotels. It therefore becomes expedient that the Gospel of our Lord should be made available on the Internet.

The tracts published on this site are either produced by Salvation Tracts or reproduced under permission from other sources such as churches and tracts publishing organizations. The sole aim of all the effort is to make the Gospel of Christ available to all and sundry and to show them the way to salvation and to help them maintain their salvation.

The site publishes only tracts which are made available to readers free without any monthly or yearly subscription. The message of these tracts is two-fold—to lead people to salvation and to help them maintain their salvation as they await the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

To produce an original tract or to reproduce an existing one on the Internet is not an easy task. For this reason, we welcome your contribution either in cash or in kind. You can also submit a tract which you think has the message which can lead people to salvation or help them maintain their salvation or donate any amount to help us in the production of tracts and maintenance of the this website. Remember, the Lord will not forget your labor of love (Gal. 6:9).