Divine Invitation

‘Come to me all
you who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest’. Matthew 11:28
Usually our response to an invitation is based on the value
we place on the person inviting us; when a person we highly esteem invites us
to an occasion, the chance is that we take such an invitation very seriously.
The next thing that affects our response to an invitation is based on our
judgement of how important we think such an invitation is. God is in Christ
calling us to Himself and He offers rest to whosoever comes. Rest is needed
after a time of work, but the rest that Jesus is offering is not just from
manual rest but from the labours of life. Many people have been beaten by life
and are in search for rest for their souls. But sadly the places they go in
search of rest only multiply their distress. But in the midst of this toil,
Jesus makes an offer of rest from God to whoever will come to Him.
When men invite you to themselves the best they can give you
is what will perish with use but when God invites you to Himself, He is
inviting you to His absoluteness, omnipotence, omniscience, and abundant
provision. He offers what cannot perish with use in this life and what cannot
be gotten with anything that has its origin in the toil of man here. He offers
you eternal rest for the life to come and temporal rest in this present life.
Regarding your present distresses, He says, ‘cast all your cares on me’. In one
invitation He offers multiple help and all of these can be yours for the
asking. So what is your response to this great divine invitation? The only
thing that can stand between you and divine help today is unbelief but to those
who will respond in faith, He declares: all things are yours.
Shalom and I pray that your response to God’s invitation will
lunch you into the mighty provisions of God that can only be found in Christ

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