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Ethiopian-Israelis to protest end of aliya tomorrow
the remaining Falash Mura are not Jewish according to traditional
religious definitions, among them, many activists say, are individuals
who would qualify as Jewish under the law of return, which stipulates
that one only need have a grandparent who is Jewish to qualify.
However, it may not be that simple, as too much time has passed and
insufficient documentation exists to prove a Jewish genealogy to the
satisfaction of the Interior Ministry.   
Russia warns of ‘catastrophic consequences’ if Syria hit
to bypass the Security Council, once again to create artificial
groundless excuses for a military intervention in the region are fraught
with new suffering in Syria and catastrophic consequences for other
countries of the Middle East and North Africa,” foreign ministry
spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said.
speaker made clear that before any action is taken, there must be
meaningful consultation with members of Congress, as well as clearly

“You know, privately there are a lot of Democrats
that tell me that they are just distressed over what Obama has done to
the health care industry and to jobs. They are afraid to say anything
about it because of recriminations, because this regime fights back. I
mean, this regime does not take internal criticism at all, just like
they try to eliminate all conservative opposition.” Limbaugh also said
“it could be curtains” for any member of the Democratic Party who
decides to go public with the “slightest disagreement or problem with
what Obama’s doing” to the health care industry. 
Boehner to White House: Consult Congress before any Syria action
speaker made clear that before any action is taken, there must be
meaningful consultation with members of Congress, as well as clearly
defined objectives and a broader strategy to achieve stability,” Boehner
spokesman Brendan Buck said in a statement. 
Earthquake Rattles Northern Nevada
unexpected shake lasted about 15 seconds, but it made a big enough
impact to have people talking. While no injuries were reported…it was
more than just a small rumble for some people in the valley. 
US gave Saddam blessing to use toxins against Iranians
Washington ponders over whether to hammer Damascus over unidentified
use of toxic agents in Syria, declassified CIA documents reveal that 25
years ago the US actually indulged ruthless Saddam Hussein to use
chemical warfare gases in war with Iran.
The recently declassified documents at the National Archives in College
Park, Maryland, suggest that the US was closely following the use of
chemical weapons by the Saddam Hussein’s regime both against the enemy
in the Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988) and against Iraq’s Kurdish population,
reports Foreign Policy magazine.  
Massive Dolphin Die-Off Could Be From Measles-Like Virus
70 miles away, dolphins are turning up dead along the Jersey shore and
other coastal communities and, at this point, the cause still remains
largely unknown. More than 200 dolphins have washed ashore since June
and many have ended up on UPenn’s New Bolton Center research tables
where veterinarians look to find an answer.
The UPenn lab was specifically called upon for this task due to close
ties with the Marine Mammal Stranding Center (MMSC) in Brigantine, NJ,
which handled many of the deceased creatures that turned up on nearby
New Chinese Bird Flu May Be Worse Than H7N9 Virus
team of Hong Kong researchers found the virus in about 25 percent of
the fowl sampled, many of which also had the H7N9 virus. By testing the
H7N7 virus on ferrets, the researchers found that it can be transmitted
to mammals.
“If (we) let this H7N7 continue circulating in chickens, I am sure that
human infection cases will occur,” study co-author Guan Yi at the
University of Hong Kong told AFP.  
Skirting the ground: How the West will attack Syria
British Daily Mail newspaper revealed on Monday the American-British
target list in Syria and the forces likely to participate in a military
operation – be it a short or a long one – in the torn Arab country.
Syria says it will defend itself against attack
said that Syria had two choices, either to surrender or to fight back,
and it would choose the latter. He declined to elaborate or say to what
specific means he was referring. 
Syria crisis: Russia and China step up warning over strike
and China have stepped up their warnings against military intervention
in Syria, with Moscow saying any such action would have “catastrophic
consequences” for the region.

The US and its allies are considering launching strikes on Syria in
response to deadly attacks last week.

The US said there was “undeniable” proof of a chemical attack, on

Dem bill would trigger huge new taxes on guns, ammo
pair of Democratic lawmakers are proposing steep new taxes on handguns
and ammunition, and tying the revenues to programs aimed at preventing
gun violence. Called the “Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities
Act,” the bill sponsored by William Pascrell, D-N.J., and Danny Davis,
D-Ill., would nearly double the current 11 percent tax on handguns,
while raising the levy on bullets and cartridges from 11 percent to 50
Boy dies of plague in Kyrgyzstan
A 15-year-old herder has died in Kyrgyzstan of bubonic plague – the first case in the country in 30 years – officials say.

The teenager appears to have been bitten by an infected flea.

The authorities have sought to calm fears of an epidemic and have quarantined more than 100 people.   

US Inches Toward Decision on Syria
officials, signaling they might not wait until U.N. inspectors finalize
their own investigation, now say that the international community must
respond to the use of chemical weapons. The comments from top U.S.
officials on Monday signaled a shift in tone, with military action
looking more likely than it did just a day or two ago.
Mexico mudslides and flash flooding kill 14
than a dozen people have died in eastern Mexico, in landslides
triggered by heavy rain caused by tropical depression Fernand.

Thirteen people were killed when mud engulfed their homes on hillsides
in Veracruz state.

Another man drowned after being swept away by fast-flowing floodwaters
in neighbouring Oaxaca.   

U.S. will hit debt limit in mid-October, treasury secretary warns
Secretary Jacob Lew is telling Congress that the U.S. government will
hit its borrowing limit in mid-October and urged lawmakers to raise it
before then. Lew said in a letter to Speaker John Boehner released
Monday that the government is running out of accounting manoeuvres it
has used to avoid hitting the US$16.7-trillion borrowing limit. He
pressed Congress to act so Treasury can keep paying the government’s
Germany not keen to join France and UK in Syria strike
has indicated it will not take part in any military strike on Syria, as
France and the UK signal readiness to join a US-led intervention.

Philipp Missfelder, the foreign affairs spokesman for German Chancellor
Angela Merkel’s CDU party, said in the Leipziger Volkszeitung daily on
Tuesday (27 August) that: “The [German] army has, through its current
international operations, already reached the breaking point.”   

Attacking Israel would be self-destructive act for Assad
is facing…pressure to punish the Syrian regime for last week’s
chemical massacre…and the US…is likely planning its military strike.

Any US military step will probably serve as a “slap” to the Syrian
regime…Hence, it would be an act of self-destruction on Assad’s part
to drag Israel into the conflict…would endanger the very existence of
the embattled regime in Damascus. 

California Rim Fire showers ash on reservoir
huge fire in and around California’s Yosemite National Park has
continued to spread and now covers almost 230 sq miles (600 sq km),
officials say.

The Rim Fire is now raining ash on a key reservoir that supplies water
and hydro-electric power to San Francisco.

City officials say they are moving water to lower reservoirs and
monitoring supplies for contamination.   

Huge aquifer that runs through 8 states quickly being tapped out
70 percent of the groundwater stored in parts of the United States’
High Plains Aquifer — a vast underground reservoir that stretches
through eight states, from South Dakota to Texas, and supplies 30
percent of the nation’s irrigated groundwater — could be used up within
50 years unless current water use is reduced, a new study finds.   
Iran warns of grave consequences of Syria attack
has warned a visiting top UN official of “serious consequences” for the
region if there is international military action in Syria, foreign
ministry spokesman Abbas Araqchi said Tuesday.
Despite “Austerity” Greek Debt Is Rising At Its Fastest Rate Since March 2010
total amount of Greek government debt outstanding has grown so much
over the last 15 months that it has retraced over 60% of the
‘haircut’-based reduction and has jumped a stunning 14.5% in that

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