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Churches changing bylaws after gay marriage ruling
they could be sued by gay couples, some churches are changing their
bylaws to reflect their view that the Bible allows only marriage between
one man and one woman.

Although there have been lawsuits against wedding industry businesses
that refuse to serve gay couples, attorneys promoting the bylaw changes
say they don’t know of any lawsuits against churches.   

3,600 Syrians Treated For ‘Neurotoxic Symptoms’
3,600 Syrians have been treated for “neurotoxic symptoms”, and 355 of
them have died, says the humanitarian group Doctors Without Borders

… MSF said the victims flooded into three Syrian hospitals on the day
that hundreds of people were apparently killed in a “chemical massacre”.

They all arrived within less than three hours of each other, said MSF
director of operations Bart Janssens.   

Marine Biologist: Hundreds Of Dolphins Could Be Dying From Measles-Like Virus
far this summer, there have been about 230 dolphin deaths along the
East Coast, prompting the National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration to declare an unusual mortality event. That clears the
way for an intensive scientific inquiry into what is causing the deaths.

No definitive conclusions have been reached, but many suspect the
morbilli virus.   

U.S. government sues to block vouchers in some Louisiana school systems
U.S. Justice Department is suing Louisiana in New Orleans federal court
to block 2014-15 vouchers for students in public school systems that
are under federal desegregation orders.

…Under the lawsuit, the state would be barred from assigning students
in those systems to private schools unless a federal judge agreed to

US moves forces toward Syria, inquiry continues
intelligence officials sought Saturday to determine whether Syria’s
government unleashed a deadly chemical weapons attack on its people. At
the same time, the Obama administration prepared for a possible military
response by moving naval forces closer to Syria.

…The Syrian government denies the claims. It also has warned the U.S.
against taking military action, saying such a step would set the Middle
East ablaze.   

Tunisia opposition in rally against Ennahda-led government
of Tunisians have rallied in front of the National Assembly in the
capital Tunis calling for the Islamist-led government to resign.

The opposition National Salvation Front has called for a week of
protests over what it says is the government’s inability to guarantee

The protests come a month after the assassination of a prominent
opposition politician.   

PM: Israel’s ‘finger on the pulse’ of Syria developments, if necessary will also be ‘on the trigger’
“finger is on the pulse” following the situation in Syria, and – if
needed – will also be on the trigger, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu
said Sunday in his first public comments on reports that hundreds of
Syrian were killed last week by chemical weapons.

What is happening in Syria is both a horrible tragedy and crime, he said
at the opening of the weekly cabinet meeting.  

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