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Church entering ‘new era’ under Pope Francis, top papal adviser says
cardinal said an October Synod of Bishops on the family would tackle
new social issues such as surrogate parenthood, childless marriages and
same-sex partnerships which were “not even visible on the horizon” at
the last family synod in 1980.   
These Are the 10 Most and Least ‘Bible-Minded’ Cities in America: Did Yours Make the List?
American Bible Society and the Barna Group are back with an updated
list showing where residents in 100 U.S. cities rank when it comes to
Bible-mindedness. The top contender for the city most in tune with the
holy book? Chattanooga, Tenn. The least? Providence, R.I., coming in the
100th slot as America’s least Bible-minded city.   
Maker of Highly Successful Anti-Obama Documentary Indicted for Allegedly Violating U.S. Election Law
charges are politically motivated.
Just days before the indictment, Molen penned an op-ed on TheBlaze
titled, “In Michael Moore’s America, Speaking Out Against the President
Gets You a Visit From the Secret Service.”   
1914 All Over Again? Japan’s PM Abe Raises Ghost of WWI with China
latest remarks by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe about China and
Japan being in a “similar situation” to that of Britan and Germany ahead
of World War One have exacerbated an already tense situation.   
Syrian Electronic Army of hackers targets CNN
Syrian Electronic Army claimed responsibility for hacking some of US
broadcaster CNN’s social media accounts.
The network said the compromised accounts included its main Facebook
page, its Twitter page and blogs for “The Situation Room” and
IRS Targets Hollywood Conservatives
conservative group in Hollywood, shrouded in secrecy for fear of a
backlash from powerful movie industry liberals, is being investigated by
the Internal Revenue Service after applying for tax-exempt status.
Friends of Abe has attempted to stay under the radar and is fiercely
determined to protect the identity of its 1,500 members,   
‘Annihilate Israel,’ Hamas leaders tell Gaza youth
and other senior Hamas officials exhorted the young graduates to not
only annihilate Israel, but also to carry their fight across the globe,
in a January 16 Al-Aqsa TV broadcast translated by MEMRI, the Middle
East Media Research Institute. 
forecasters estimate a 25% chance of polar geomagnetic storms on Jan.
23rd in response to a glancing blow from a CME. High-latitude sky
watchers should be alert for midnight auroras. 
Obama worse than Bush on civil rights abuses
all accounts, the domestic spying program under the current
administration has gone much further than it ever did under Bush, though
clearly both programs exist outside the confines of the Constitution.
For one, in the years since Obama has been in office, the NSA’s program
has expanded to include American tech firms; companies like Yahoo!,
Google and Cisco have been caught sharing users’ personal metadata with
the agency, though there was no probable cause and none of it was
obtained via search warrant, as called for by the Fourth Amendment.   
Quinnipiac Poll: Majority Of Americans Say Obama Incompetent, Dishonest, Untrustworthy
new national poll compiled by the much respected Quinnipiac University
finds that a majority of Americans view the Obama administration as
incompetent, while more Americans also believe the president himself is
not honest or trustworthy.   
Smith & Wesson to End Most CA Sales Due to Microstamping Regulation
January 22nd renowned gun maker Smith & Wesson joined Sturm, Ruger,
& Co., by announcing it would cease California sales of its
semi-automatic pistols due to microstamping requirements that went into
effect last year. Ruger made the same announcement earlier this month.
Microstamping is a requirement that each firearm be fitted with a
special firing pin that leaves a fingerprint on a bullet casing which
differs from the fingerprint of every other firearm. In other
words–every one of the wildly popular Smith & Wesson M&P .45
semi-automatic handguns would have to be manufactured in such a way so
that no two of them left the same mark on a shell casing. 
Netanyahu’s Remarks at the World Economic Forum at Davos 23/01/2014
You are joining us here in Davos at a time of deep transformations in the
Middle East, as well as a time of significant shifts in the global economy.
In both areas, Israel is a key stakeholder if we are to realize positive
outcomes. Building on the foundations you yourself put in place already as
Finance Minister, Israel has been remarkably resilient during the global
economic crisis and has clearly shown the value of fiscal and monetary
prudence. What is also remarkable is the resilience and ever-growing pace of
Israel’s hi-tech sector, an area I know you care particularly much about,
which is a key contributor to your country’s unique position in the global
Ted Cruz: Obama’s ‘Consistent Pattern of Lawlessness’ Is ‘Extraordinarily Dangerous’
most dangerous is this consistent pattern of lawlessness. We have never
had a president who over and over again openly aggressively defies the
law. If he doesn’t like the law, he refuses to enforce it or he simply
proclaims it changed and this is something that ought to bother
Russia says EU tries to impose ‘alien view’ of homosexuality
accusation is contained in a 153-page “Report on the human rights
situation in the European Union”, in which Moscow hits back at human
rights criticism it regularly faces from the West by listing what it
sees as rights failings in EU nations.   
The Oldest Hebrew Inscription from Jerusalem has been deciphered
Prof. Galil said that the form yyn (“wine”) indicates that the language used
in this inscription is Hebrew, written in the southern dialect: in Ugaritic,
Old Canaanite, Phoenician, Ammonite, and even in Israelite Hebrew (attested
in the Samaria Ostraca) wine was always written with only one yod; But in
(southern) Hebrew the form is always yyn (Epigraphic Hebrew [Lachish, Arad
and more], Biblical Hebrew [without any exception], Ben Sira, Qumran, and
even in the Rabbinic sources). Prof. Galil published his findings in the
Strata Bulletin of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society.   
Emerging market sell-off raises specter of contagion
global flight from emerging market assets gathered pace on Friday,
sending the Turkish lira to a record low and setting global shares on
course for their worst week this year. The emerging market rout spread
to developed countries in Europe as investors worried about the impact
of slower growth in China, U.S. monetary policy and mounting political
problems in Turkey, Argentina and Ukraine.   
Holder: Feds to set rules for banks and pot money
Obama administration will soon announce regulations to make it easier
for banks to do business with legal marijuana sellers, Attorney General
Eric Holder said Thursday.

…While Holder spoke twice of new “regulations” that were being
prepared, a Justice Department spokesman said later that the attorney
general was referring to legal “guidance” for prosecutors and federal
law enforcement.   

Cuba quake unusual, but recent Caribbean activity fairly typical
earthquake-ravaged Haiti to the quiet northern coast of Cuba, the
ground is moving. Tremors moved across the Haitian capital of
Port-au-Prince early Monday morning, causing a brief scare nearly four
years to the day that a 7.0 magnitude shock devastated the region. The
quake came just days after a major tremor rocked Puerto Rico and less
than two weeks after normally quiet fault lines shook north of Cuba,
rattling parts of Florida where the ground rarely rumbles.  
H7N9: Bird flu cases surge ahead of Chinese New Year
A surge in cases of the deadly new strain of bird flu has been reported in China at the beginning of 2014.

Only a handful of people had been infected with H7N9 since June, but health officials have reported 73 cases so far this month.

Influenza researchers argue the winter season and preparations for Chinese New Year may be driving the increase. 

Syria threatens to quit Geneva talks
Syrian government delegation has threatened to quit peace talks in
Geneva if “serious” discussions do not begin by Saturday.

Foreign Minister Walid Muallem issued the threat on Syrian state media
after his team held talks with UN negotiator Lakhdar Brahimi.

Mr Brahimi is due to meet the Syrian opposition separately later on

Somerset floods: ‘Major incident’ declared
“major incident” has been declared in flooded areas in Somerset
following warnings of further heavy rain.

Many villagers are already cut off by floods and Sedgemoor District
Council declared the major incident so it can mobilise extra support.

The area’s MP said there was a risk of catastrophic flooding unless
action was taken and he asked for government help.   

US defence chief Chuck Hagel calls for nuclear review
Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel has ordered a wide-ranging review of the
nation’s nuclear forces following a series of high-profile scandals.

The Pentagon chief has summoned senior leaders to meet in the coming

The officials will then have 60 days to create a plan to identify and
correct problems with the US nuclear force.   

Germany clarifying long-standing policy against settlements
is seeking to formally clarify its long-standing policy of not funding
Israeli institutions and business over the pre-1967 lines into two
existing agreements with Israel with regard to science and trade.

The move to clarify the language in these two legal agreements with
Israel comes amidst growing calls in Europe to take harsher measures
against West Bank settlements.  

Three bombs explode in central Cairo
suicide car bomber blew himself up in the parking lot of a top security
compound in central Cairo on Friday, killing at least four people in
one of the most high-profile attacks on the state in months, security
sources said.

The early morning explosion damaged the Cairo Security Directorate,
which includes police and state security, and sent smoke rising over the
capital, raising concerns that an Islamist insurgency is gathering

Snowden sees ‘no chance’ for fair trial in US
intelligence leaker Edward Snowden said Thursday he has no plans to
return to the United States, because he would have “no chance” for a
fair trial.

“The hundred-year old law under which I´ve been charged… forbids a
public interest defense,” he said in a question-and-answer session on
the “Free Snowden” website.   

At least 4 killed as large explosion hits Cairo police headquarters
car bomb struck the main Egyptian police headquarters Friday in the
heart of Cairo, killing at least four people in a hugely symbolic attack
on the eve of the third anniversary of the 2011 uprising that toppled
longtime autocratic ruler Hosni Mubarak.   
Iran and Israel cross swords at Davos
on Thursday stepped up attempts to normalise its relations with the
West with a Davos charm offensive that was immediately attacked by
Israel as a confidence trick.   
Hacked CNN Reports “China Dumps All US Bonds”
one thing for the Comedy News Network formerly known as CNN to announce
the opposite verdict on Obamacare as breaking news or that the TV
studio formerly known as the NYSE is under 3 feet of water (based on
what it saw on Twitter). It’s something else entirely for it to report
that China has declared semi-hot war on the US (unless of course CNN is
merely reporting tomorrow’s news today).  
N. Korea pushes South on military drills
Korea on Friday urged a sceptical South Korea to respond to a recent
series of trust-building gestures and again called on Seoul to cancel
upcoming military drills with the United States.  

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