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As Obama dithers, Egypt ramps up its nuclear options
the fatally-flawed interim deal signed by the P5+1 in Geneva November
24 over Iran’s nuclear program, America’s slighted ally Egypt is now
possibly pursuing its own nuclear option, amid fears of an atomic arms
race between Tehran and its regional Sunni rivals in Cairo, Riyadh and
One Month After JFK’s Murder, Former President Harry Truman Called For Abolishing The CIA
an op-ed column published in the Washington Post on Dec. 22, 1963,
Truman never linked the CIA to President Kennedy’s murder, but the
timing of the explicit and strongly worded column and complaint implied a
“For some time I have been disturbed by the way the CIA has been
diverted from its original assignment,” Truman wrote. “It has become an
operational and at times a policy-making arm of the Government. This has
led to trouble and may have compounded our difficulties in several
explosive areas.” 
Here’s How Atheists Are Targeting Inmates in Quest to Battle the Bible in American Prisons
secular group is implementing a coordinated plan to regularly send
atheist literature to inmates in American prisons — a quest its members
claim will counter the faith-based messages that are often touted by
chaplains and faith leaders.   
Earthquake Shakes Northern Israel As Former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon Is Laid To Rest
dignitaries from all over the world paid their respects to one of
Israel’s last founding leaders, residents of northern Galilee told that they’d experienced a quake around midday. Confirming
those accounts, the Israel Geophysical Institute reported the quake
measured 3.5 on the Richter scale.  
Norwegian Bay Froze So Quickly It Caused a ‘Fishapocalypse’
temperatures well in the negatives and a strong east wind over the
weekend, the water in a bay around the island of Lovund in Norway froze
quickly. So much so, a school of fish became trapped as they swam in the
Pres. Peres to the Knesset: Israel has not had security for 65 years?
“There is no peace without security and there is no security without peace”
President Shimon Peres. The extraordinary commitment of
Secretary of State Kerry to the cause of peace reflects Israel’s deep and
serious commitment to peace and is creating the opportunity for an agreement
and mutual understanding.” 
Five reasons for China and US to go to war: New Strait Times
led by saying that China’s economic ascent since the start of Deng
Xiaoping’s economic reforms in 1978 is a major concern for the US. He
said that China, currently the world’s second-largest economy, is about
to surpass the United States in its GDP on the basis of purchasing power
parity within the next decade. In addition, China has more money to
modernize its People’s Liberation Army. They must understand that China
will suffer disproportionately from any war that it starts against the
United States or other regional powers. 
Joel Osteen Tells Larry King ‘Scripture Says Homosexuality Is A Sin.. But I Don’t Want To Preach About It’
asked Osteen, “What are your views on homosexuality?” to which Osteen
replied “The same that they’ve been. I believe that scripture says that
it’s a sin but I always follow that up by saying you know what, we’re
not against anybody.”   
NSA able to target offline computers using radio-waves for surveillance, cyber-attacks
secret technology uses covert radio waves transmitted from small
circuit boards and USB cards clandestinely inserted into targeted
computers, The New York Times reported. The waves can then be sent to a
briefcase-sized relay station intelligence agencies can set up just
miles away, according to NSA documents, computer experts and US
Wendy Davis’s Campaign Mocks Greg Abbott for Being Paralyzed
Davis’s campaign is mocking Greg Abbott for being in a wheelchair. No, I
am not kidding. Back in October, Battleground Texas mocked Texas
Attorney General Greg Abbott for being paralyzed and in a wheelchair.   
Obama Makes Secret Deal With Iran To Allow Nuclear Production To Continue
Araqchi disclosed the existence of the document in a Persian-language
interview with the semiofficial Iranian Students News Agency. The new
agreement, announced over the weekend, sets out a timetable for how Iran
and the six nations, led by the United States, will implement a deal
reached in November that is aimed at restraining Iran’s nuclear
ambitions. “No facility will be closed; enrichment will continue, and
qualitative and nuclear research will be expanded,” .  
Report details brain complications in Canada’s H5N1 case
report published by Alberta health officials over the weekend lays out
the swift clinical course of the H5N1 influenza infection that killed a
young Alberta woman on Jan 3, including brain inflammation and swelling,
an unusual complication in human H5N1 cases. Of 649 cases reported
since 2003, 385 have been fatal, according to the World Health
Fontana Earthquake Today 2014 Strikes Southern California
Fontana earthquake today January 15, 2014 hit in the predawn morning
hours. Damage assessment is pending.
Officials tell news that a 4.4 magnitude Fontana earthquake today began
just after 1:35 am PST. The quake was one of the strongest to strike
east of Los Angeles  
Another Warning Sign: Earthquakes in Israel
afternoon there was another earthquake in Israel, 3.5 on the Richter
scale. This latest quake joins other recent, local earthquakes.
At approximately 3 p.m. an earthquake was felt in the Kinneret and
Galilee regions. Residents reported the quake was powerful enough to
move objects inside homes. 
Tennis players collapsing and hallucinating as deadly heatwave continues across Australia
Wimbledon it’s usualy the rain that gets the blame but the Australian
Open organizers have been criticised for forcing players to compete in
intense heat as temperatures hit 42C in Melbourne.
Canada’s Frank Dancevic required medical attention after hallucinating,
he says he saw Snoopy and fainting in his first-round match and said it
was “inhumane” to allow players to compete in such testing conditions.  
Illegal abortion widely used by some UK ethnic groups to avoid daughters
illegal abortion of female foetuses solely to ensure that families have
sons is widely practised within some ethnic communities in Britain…

The practice of sex-selective abortion is now so commonplace that it has
affected the…balance of boys to girls…and has led to the
“disappearance” of between 1,400 and 4,700 females from the national
census records of England and Wales, we can reveal.   

forecasters have downgraded the chance of X-flares on Jan. 14th to 15%
as giant sunspot AR1944 rotates off the solar disk. The odds on Jan.
15th are even lower: 1%. A quiet spell appears to be in the offing.   
You’re ‘Not Allowed to Talk About the Bible’: Teacher Reportedly Cuts Off First-Grader’s Classroom Speech
advocacy group is claiming that a teacher at California’s Helen
Hunt-Jackson Elementary School showed undue hostility toward a first
grader’s faith last month during a presentation about holiday

…Brynn Williams was speaking to her class about her family’s Christmas
tradition when her teacher abruptly stopped the address and said that
Williams is “not allowed to talk about the Bible in school.”   

Christians called to ‘martyrdom’ says Welby
are facing a new age of “martyrdom” across much of the world, the
Archbishop of Canterbury has said.

Speaking in Istanbul, Turkey, the Most Rev Justin Welby singled out the
persecution of believers across the Middle East and said Christians are
still “called” to suffer and even die for the faith in the 21st Century. 

Western agencies visited Damascus to discuss security with regime
retired MI6 officer has led British and European efforts to re-engage
with the Bashar al-Assad regime, visiting Damascus to discuss mutual
approaches to combating jihadists, according to new reports.

The officer is one of a number of European intelligence officials sent
to hold talks with the regime despite the West’s calls for it to stand
down and international sanctions levelled against it.   

Mosquito-borne virus spreading in Caribbean
mosquito-borne virus appears to be spreading quickly in the
Caribbean… just weeks after epidemiologists first found local
transmission occurring in the French dependency of St. Martin.

Scientists said Tuesday that St. Martin now has as many as 200 cases of
chikungunya, a virus found mainly in Africa and Asia that can cause a
debilitating but rarely fatal sickness with fever, rash, fatigue and
intense muscle and joint pain.   

‘Robotic World Wide Web’ makes life easier for machines
first demonstration of a “World Wide Web for robots” that allows
machines to share information and learn from each other will take place
this week in the Netherlands.

Cloud-based RoboEarth aims to help robots benefit from the experience of
other machines. For instance, if one robot has spent time developing an
accurate map of a room it can upload the data so another machine
entering it for the first time has a navigational head start.   

UN stresses Central African Republic disaster warning
senior UN envoy has called for a huge international effort for the
Central African Republic.

Speaking to the BBC in the capital, Bangui, John Ging of the UN Office
for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said the country
was in a “mega-crisis”.

Mr Ging said that many in the population were living in fear because of
religious and ethnic attacks.  

White House plays down Rouhani crowing on nuclear deal
White House Tuesday dismissed an aggressive claim of victory by Iran’s
President Hassan Rouhani over an interim nuclear deal, and attempted to
face down rising domestic political pressure over the pact.   
Boy, 12, opens fire at New Mexico school, wounds two students
12-year-old boy armed with a shotgun opened fire at a middle school in
New Mexico on Tuesday, seriously wounding two students before a staff
member persuaded him to put down the firearm, authorities said.   
Russian security forces battle militants before Olympics
Russian servicemen and four gunmen were killed in a shootout in
southern Russia on Wednesday during a sweep for militants before the
Sochi Winter Olympics.

Russia’s National Anti-terrorism Committee (NAC) said the dead gunmen
included a man accused of carrying out a car bomb attack in the city of
Pyatigorsk late last year which killed three people.

West Bank mosque partly torched in suspected settler attack
mosque in the Israeli-occupied West Bank was partly set on fire on
Wednesday in what Palestinian residents said was an attack by Jewish
settlers living nearby.   
Bomb attacks kill 52 in Iraq, PM calls for world’s support
attacks hit the Iraqi capital Baghdad and a village near the northern
town of Baquba on Wednesday, killing at least 52 people, police and
hospital sources said.

In the deadliest incident, a bomb blew up in a funeral tent where
mourners were marking the death two days ago of a Sunni Muslim
pro-government militiaman, police said. It killed 18 people and wounded
16 in Shatub, a village south of Baquba.  

Defense Minister, Moshe “Boogy” Ya’alon, is facing criticism from the
opposition after slamming U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. The
Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot reported earlier on Tuesday that the
outspoken Ya’alon had said that Kerry, who recently completed his tenth
trip to the region in less than a year on the job, “turned up here
determined and acting out of misplaced obsession and messianic fervor”
for a peace deal.   
N.S.A. Devises Radio Pathway Into Computers
National Security Agency has implanted software in nearly 100,000
computers around the world that allows the United States to conduct
surveillance on those machines and can also create a digital highway for
launching cyberattacks.  

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