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Half(50%)of voters disapprove of the
President’s healthcare law,or Obamacare. Just 40% approve of the
law. Intensity is strongly against
Obamacare, as 43% strongly disapprove,
while only 25% strongly approve.  
The Most Homeless Children In New York City Since The Great Depression
a time when Wall Street is absolutely swimming in wealth, New York City
is experiencing an epidemic of homelessness. According to the New York
Times, the last time there was this many homeless children in New York
City was during the days of the Great Depression.   
Nuclear war would ‘end civilization’ with famine, study says
nuclear war between India and Pakistan would set off a global famine
that could kill two billion people and effectively end human
civilization, a study said Tuesday. Even if limited in scope, a
conflict with nuclear weapons would wreak havoc in the atmosphere and
devastate crop yields, with the effects multiplied as global food
markets went into turmoil, the report said.   
NSA morale reportedly hits rock bottom after Snowden revelations
at the National Security Agency aren’t happy that we now know to look
out for their trash-talking elves that they’ve created in World of
Warcraft. The Washington Post reports that officials at the NSA are
feeling depressed and demoralized by the constant stream of revelations
being leaked by former contractor Edward Snowden and are also feeling
hung out to dry by a White House that has spent most of its time trying
to contain political damage caused by the Snowden leaks.   
Write wrongs! Over 500 world-famous authors sign anti-surveillance petition
than 500 renowned authors – including five Nobel laureates – from
across the globe have signed a petition demanding an end to ‘mass
surveillance’. It follows the revelations over the last few months of
the US and other countries spying.   
Killer winter storms for next THIRTY years
people could die as extreme weather becomes common. There will be more
freak winds like the October storm, which killed four people.
Heatwaves will be lethal and the sea level will rise, leaving coastal
towns at risk of being swamped by storm surges.   
Snow falling. In Australia. In summer. That is all
day after we posted images of fresh summer snow falling across the
Australian Alps, we’ve updated our original story with new images that
show the ground getting whiter… and whiter… and whiter.   
Cold rewrites Oregon history books
record cold temperatures throughout Oregon continue to rewrite the
history books, or at least add new chapters to them. The city of
Portland has not had a day with temperatures in the single digits since
1989 — a quarter-century ago. KOIN 6 News meteorologist Sally Showman
said Portland stands a good chance of dropping into the single digits
early Sunday morning.   
Xbox Live among game services targeted by US and UK spy agencies
gaming is big business, attracting tens of millions of users worldwide
who inhabit their digital worlds as make-believe characters, living and
competing with the avatars of other players. What the intelligence
agencies feared, however, was that among these clans of elves and
goblins, terrorists were lurking.
US, Jordan Agree: Israel Should Control Jordan Valley
Obama Administration and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan have both
reportedly sided with Israel in its demand to retain control over the
Jordan Valley in any future peace agreement with the Palestinians. 
Do Christians and Muslims Serve the Same God?
God care what we call Him? Do Muslims and Christians worship the same
God? These are questions many Christians are asking these days, and for
good reason.  
Iranian foreign minster warns Geneva nuclear deal is ‘dead’ if US passes new sanctions
foreign minister has warned that the historic nuclear deal agreed in
Geneva will be “dead” if the US Congress moves ahead with threats to
pass new sanctions.

Javad Zarif told Time that any new sanctions would show a “lack of
seriousness” by the US, breaching the terms of last month’s interim deal
and scuppering hopes for a comprehensive agreement on Iran’s nuclear

Record Number Of Volcano Eruptions In 2013 – Is Catastrophic Global Cooling Dead Ahead?
you noticed that this December is unusually cold so far? Could the
fact that we have had a record number of volcanoes erupt in 2013 be
responsible? Certainly an unusually calm solar cycle is playing a
significant role in producing all of this cold weather, but as you will
see below the truth is that throughout human history volcanic eruptions
have produced some of the coldest winters ever recorded.   
China-Japan Conflict Could Lead to World War III, Warns Former UN Ambassador
Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations Sha Zukang has warned that the
dispute between Japan and China over the Senkaku Islands could lead to
World War III.

…“If China started a war with Japan, it would be much larger than both
the Sino-Japanese War and World War II, said Sha. The United States and
Japan should cooperate with China to maintain regional peace,” states
the report.   

Darpa’s Giant Folding Spy Satellite Will Dwarf All Other Space Telescopes
could become much easier if a new lightweight, folding satellite
concept gets off the ground.

Darpa, the military’s futuristic research agency, says it has plans to
“break the glass ceiling” of space telescopes by shooting a new design
into orbit that’s made of plastic and unfolds into a mammoth satellite
that would dwarf the world’s most famous telescopes.   

Rosetta: Anxious wait for comet chaser wake up
say they are in for an anxious wait as they prepare to wake a
comet-chasing probe from deep-space hibernation.

In January, they will attempt to bring the Rosetta spacecraft back
online so it can journey towards Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

Once it has reached the huge mass of ice and rock, the team will try to
deploy a lander on the comet’s surface.   

US Senate votes to ban plastic guns for 10 more years
US Senate has approved a 10-year extension of a ban on plastic guns
invisible to metal detectors but has rejected tougher restrictions
called for by gun-control advocates.

The bill was approved by a Senate voice vote one week after it passed
the House of Representatives.

Democrats had aimed to require a gun’s firing mechanism to contain at
least one undetachable metal piece.   

Mid-East governments sign Red Sea-to-Dead Sea water deal
Jordan and the Palestinian Authority have signed a water sharing pact
aimed at one day replenishing the rapidly drying Dead Sea.

The agreement will build a pipeline to carry brine from a desalination
plant at the Red Sea to the Dead Sea, while providing drinking water to
the region.

The Dead Sea is dropping by as much as 1m (3.3ft) a year as the River
Jordan is depleted for use in irrigation. 

Christians Are Being Burned Alive Beheaded Crucified Tortured To Death And Imprisoned In Metal Shipping Containers
“coming persecution of Christians” has already begun. It is already
here. So why is the mainstream media in the United States almost
totally silent about this phenomenon? When some politician somewhere
around the globe inadvertently offends homosexuals or Muslims, it
instantly makes headline news.
US vet held in N. Korea says statement was coerced
85-year-old U.S. Korean War veteran who was detained for weeks by North
Korea said Monday that the videotaped confession in which he apologized
for killing North Koreans during the war was given involuntarily and
under duress.   
UN: Israel to allow some materials into Gaza again
United Nations said Monday that Israel has agreed to again allow
imports of construction materials into Gaza after a two-month clampdown
following the discovery of a tunnel dug by militants from the coastal
strip into Israel.   
Purge sends chilling message to NKorea’s elite
the rest of North Korea’s top brass leaped to their feet before Kim
Jong Un, clapping wildly in a requisite show of respect at high-level
meetings, his uncle, Jang Song Thaek, often seemed nonchalant, at times
even bored. Once considered the force behind the young leader, he
displayed a bold insouciance that seemed calculated to show he was
beyond reach.
There’s Almost No Difference Between PG-13 And R-Rated Movies
have criticized the rating system of the Motion Picture Association of
America after finding that violent film characters tend to glorify
“risky behaviors” like sex and drug use, regardless of the rating a film
has been granted.  

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