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California Department of Justice agents sweep Fresno, Clovis for illegal guns
sign in the window warned burglars that the homeowner owned a handgun
and would use it in self-defense. The state agents knocking on the door
were there to confiscate the weapon.
The agents are part of the California Department of Justice’s Armed
Prohibited Persons System (APPS), a program that takes firearms from
people barred from owning them. The law says that group can include
ex-felons and people deemed to be mentally unstable.   
Outrage over Obama Omitting ‘Under God’ from Gettysburg Address
are offended that on Tuesday, President Obama recited a version of the
Gettysburg Address that omitted the phrase “under God” for a celebrity
project created by progressive documentarian Ken Burns.
…Bryan Fischer, a conservative Christian leader, say “Obama’s omission
of ‘under God’ is more evidence of his anti-Christian bigotry. He
honors Islam but disrespects Christianity.”
Sun’s flipping poles could mean lights out for U.S.
vulnerability test by the electric-power industry of the national
electrical grid shows the system would fail during certain catastrophes –
and would fail even if only some of the impacts of certain
catastrophes were experienced. That is the sobering message from a
preliminary readout of the results of a vulnerability test called Grid
Ex II.   
Lawmakers want answers after North Texas earthquakes
North Texas has experienced 12 small quakes in November. Tuesday’s
3.6-magnitude jolt about 6:40 p.m. got everyone talking at the Sandy
Beach convenience store and restaurant.
“I thought, ‘Oh Lord, the ground is coming apart!'” said Diane King.
Another worker, John Hutchison, said he nearly lost his balance when the
earth began to move.   
Netanyahu vows: No nukes for Iran’s ‘dark regime’
Iranians deny our past and repeat their commitment to wipe the State of
Israel off the map. This reminds us of the dark regimes of the past
that plotted against us first and then against all of humanity,”
Netanyahu said in an address to Russian Jewish community leaders. 
Dr. Manning: I Believe ‘CIA Will Assassinate Obama’
James David Manning explains as Lincoln and JFK were assassinated, so
too will Obama be, by the CIA and in the video below he explains why he
believes this. Manning makes it clear it is his belief that this will
happen because Obama’s “purpose was fraudulent from the beginning.”
Second wave of health plan cancellations looms
new and independent analysis of ObamaCare warns of a ticking time bomb,
predicting a second wave of 50 million to 100 million insurance policy
cancellations next fall — right before the mid-term elections.
Japan reports volcano raises island in seas far south of Tokyo
from the coast guard and the Japan Meteorological Agency said the islet
is about 200 metres (660 feet) in diameter. It is just off the coast of
Nishinoshima, a small, uninhabited island in the Ogasawara chain, which
is also known as the Bonin Islands.   
Remarks of Pres. Putin and PM Netanyahu before and after meeting in Moscow
Mr President, I
am happy to meet with you again. Every time we meet, we understand each
other better, and our relations are constantly growing warmer and improving.
I hope this meeting will strengthen the good relations between Russia and
Israel even more, as they have been continuously gaining momentum under your
Syria: Syrian army recaptures key town of Qara
army recaptured Qara, which is located in the al-Qalamoun Mountains
north of Damascus, after eliminating the last “terrorist pockets” there,
Xinhua reported citing the state-run SANA news agency reported.   
Strong earthquake rocks eastern Indonesia
U.S. Geological Survey says the 6.3-magnitude quake struck Tuesday
evening about 110 kilometers (68 miles) off Tobelo, a coastal town on
Halmahera Island in North Maluku province. It says the quake was
centered about 63 kilometers (39 miles) beneath the sea.  
EPIC FAIL: UN climate talks fall apart as 132 countries storm out
countries pulled out of the United Nations climate talks during a fight
over transferring wealth from richer countries to fight global warming.

The G77 and China bloc led 132 poor countries in a walk out during talks
about “loss and damage” compensation for the consequences of global
warming that countries cannot adapt to, like Typhoon Haiyan. 

Kerry: US and Karzai agree on language for pact
of State John Kerry said Wednesday that the U.S. and Afghanistan have
agreed on the language of a bilateral security pact that could clear the
way for thousands of U.S. troops to train and assist Afghan forces
after the NATO combat mission ends in 2014.

…The document now goes to the Loya Jirga, a 3,000-member council of
elders that has the right to revise or reject any clause of the draft

Turkey ‘suspected bomber’ seized outside PM office
Police in Turkey have arrested a suspected suicide bomber outside the prime minister’s office, according to reports.

State-run media earlier said the alleged attacker had been shot by police and taken to hospital.

But an adviser to the prime minister said on Twitter that officers had fired into the air and no-one was hurt.  

Khamenei: ‘Israeli regime is doomed to failure, annihilation’
Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Iran would not step back from its
nuclear rights, and his negotiating team had set limits for talks over
Iran’s disputed nuclear program.

…“Zionist officials cannot be called humans, they are like animals,
some of them,” said Khamenei. “The Israeli regime is doomed to failure
and annihilation,” he said.   

Netanyahu ‘promises’ Iran will not get nuclear weapons
will not get a nuclear weapons, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said
unequivocally to a group of Russian Jewish leaders Thursday.

After saying that the “true” Iran was not the one of propaganda films
produced by Foreign Minister Javad Zarif smiling and speaking about a
peaceful future, but rather that of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei calling
Jews “rabid dogs.”   

California man pulled off plane in North Korea, detained, son says
85-year-old American man on an organized tour of North Korea was pulled
off a departing plane in Pyongyang just minutes before it was to
depart, the man’s son told CNN on Wednesday.
The family has had no contact with Merrill Newman of Palo Alto,
California, since he was detained on October 26, Jeff Newman said. 
Iran and P5+1 nuclear talks enter second day in Geneva
Negotiations between world powers and Iran on the future of Tehran’s nuclear programme are entering a second day.

It follows what a US senior official called a “positive” first meeting between the two sides on Wednesday.

A number of key sticking points remain to be resolved, with the US cautioning it will not rush into any deal.   

Loya Jirga debates US-Afghan security deal
to 15,000 foreign troops could remain in Afghanistan after 2014 if a
security pact is agreed with the US, Afghan President Hamid Karzai has

He was speaking at the opening of a Loya Jirga, or grand assembly, of
more than 2,000 Afghan elders, who have gathered to discuss the deal.   

Suspected US drone kills five in Pakistan
US drone strike has killed at least five people in an Islamic seminary
in Pakistan’s north-western Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province, reports say.

Officials said at least two of those killed were militants.

This is the second attack to have taken place outside the tribal area
where most strikes are carried out since the drone campaign began .   

Illinois becomes 16th US state to legalize gay marriage
became the 16th US state to legalize gay marriage Wednesday, just days
after Hawaii passed marriage equality legislation.

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