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The threat of Israel boycotts more bark than bite
voices are getting louder inside and outside Israel about the threat of
economic boycotts for its continued occupation of Palestinian
territories, there seems little prospect of it facing measures with real

With a number of European firms already withdrawing some funds, Israeli
Finance Minister Yair Lapid has warned that every household in Israel
will feel the pinch if ongoing peace talks with the Palestinians

Polar Vortex to Make Encore Performance Midwest, East
the weather this past week a mere pause in a tough winter that will
resume this upcoming week with cold air and the potential for

The polar vortex will once again drop southward and erase last week’s
mild spell. The polar vortex is essentially a mass of very cold air that
usually hangs out above the Arctic Circle and is contained by strong

Planned food safety rules rile organic farmers
Crawford was rushing to load crates of freshly picked organic tomatoes
onto trucks heading for an urban farmers market when he noticed the
federal agent.

A tense conversation followed as the visitor to his farm — an inspector
from the Food and Drug Administration — warned him that some
organic-growing techniques he had honed over four decades could soon be

Thailand crisis: Deadly attack on opposition rally
have opened fire on an anti-government rally in eastern Thailand,
killing a five-year-old girl and wounding dozens of other people.

Attackers threw explosives and shot at demonstrators at a rally called
by the People’s Democratic Reform Committee.

The incident took place at a night market in the Khao Saming district of
Trat province late on Saturday.  

Netanyahu: Iran still getting everything, giving nothing
Minster Binyamin Netanyahu continued to warn Sunday against granting
Iran any uranium enrichment capabilities.

“Iran will practically realize its plan to become a nuclear threshold
state, with enrichment and the ability to develop intercontinental
missiles. This combination of enrichment, weapons, and the ability to
launch missiles creates a situation where Iran gets everything and gives

US-South Korea War Games Loom Over Korean Reunions
year ago, North Korea vowed nuclear attacks to retaliate for U.S.-South
Korean war games. But the start Monday of this year’s joint military
drills comes as Pyongyang allows wrenching reunions of elderly Koreans
separated since the Korean War. 
Mexico captures No.1 drug kingpin ‘Shorty’ Guzman
most wanted man, drug cartel kingpin Joaquin “Shorty” Guzman, was
captured on Saturday with help from U.S. agencies in a major victory for
the government in a long, brutal drugs war.
Guzman, known as “El Chapo” (Shorty) in Spanish, has long run Mexico’s
infamous Sinaloa Cartel. Over the past decade, he has emerged as one of
the world’s most powerful organized crime bosses.  
Rabbis to Knesset: Extend sovereignty to Temple Mount
group of rabbis and yeshiva heads have submitted a petition to the
Knesset demanding legislation to extend Jewish sovereignty on the Temple

Riots broke out again on Friday on the Temple Mount in response to
growing tension on the issue.

The petition comes ahead of Knesset deliberation on policies regarding
the Temple Mount, due to begin in the middle of next week. The session
will review a proposal by MK Moshe Feiglin (Likud) to place the entire
Temple Mount under Israeli supervision.  

Ukraine crisis: Parliament told to form unity government by Tuesday
MP’s have been told they have until Tuesday to form a unity government.

“This is a priority task,” parliament’s Speaker Oleksander Turchinov
said during a debate held a day after MPs votes to dismiss President
Viktor Yanukovych.

Mr Turchinov has now been given presidential powers temporarily.

Parliament also voted to seize Mr Yanukovych’s luxury estate near Kiev,
which protesters entered on Saturday.  

Syrian troops capture areas along Israeli Golan Heights
government forces captured Saturday two rebel-held areas on the edge of
the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights after days of intense fighting near a
decades-old cease-fire line between Syria and Israel, state TV said.   
Wendy Sherman to Israel: Don’t Make Iran Talks Harder
Sherman, undersecretary of state for political affairs and the head of
the American negotiation team to the nuclear talks between Iran and six
world powers (P5+1), said Saturday that the goal is to reach a permanent
agreement with Iran by July 20.

Sherman was speaking to reporters in Jerusalem, where she arrived in
order to brief the Israelis on the latest round of talks between Iran
and the P5+1 in Vienna.   

Hollywood gets religion: Christian audiences happy to see 2014 become year of the faith-based movie
vampire and zombie flicks. Hollywood will spend 2014 mining a more
ancient set of supernatural dramas: those found in the Bible.   
Afghan soldiers die as Taliban attack checkpoint in Kunar
At least one of the attackers was also killed and the Taliban told the BBC they had captured seven soldiers.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai postponed a planned visit to Sri Lanka on Sunday because of the attack.

The violence comes ahead of presidential elections that are due to be held next month.  

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