End Times News Alert

Sun has been generating Type III solar radio bursts and they appear to
be intensifying,” reports amateur radio astronomer Thomas Ashcraft of
New Mexico. 
Presbyterian Church USA Teams Up With American Islamists
The Church is an official interfaith partner with U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entities and supporters of Sharia for America.   
Clues to Lost Prehistoric Code Discovered in Mesopotamia
these devices would have worked in prehistoric times, before the
invention of writing, is a mystery. Researchers now face the question of
how people recorded the number and type of a commodity being exchanged
without the help of writing.   
Poll: Most Americans see ‘gloom and doom’ ahead
no end in sight to the partial government shutdown, the number of
voters who believe the country is heading in the right direction has
fallen 11 points over the past week to its lowest level in nearly two
Just 17% of Likely U.S. Voters now say the country is heading in the
right direction.
NSA data bank hit by mystery power surges
new $1.4 billion National Security Agency supercomputer facility in
Utah has been wracked with unexplainable, repeated electrical surges and
explosions that have destroyed hundreds of thousands of dollars worth
of sensitive computers used to store the vast amounts of data it scoops
up on foreign nationals and Americans.
In the past 13 months, there have been some 10 electrical meltdowns at
the new 200-acre facility in Bluffdale, Utah, which has been unable to
run all of its computers and servers.  
Obama Pushing Israel to Vacate Jordan Valley
proposal calls for international forces to maintain security control
along with unarmed Palestinian police forces, the PA negotiator said.
Israel will retain security posts in some strategic areas of the Jordan
Valley, according to the U.S. plan.   
California Officials Raid Offices of Major Obama Donor Kareem Ahmed
executed a warrant for the offices of Landmark Medical Management,
whose president Kareem Ahmed gave the Obama affiliated Super PAC
Priorities USA a $1 million donation. The president of a company in a
complex industry, Ahmed claimed Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi as a
personal friend, 
Jailed Vatican accountant fears death by poisoning
former Vatican priest arrested in connection with an alleged tax
evasion scheme said Thursday he fears he will be poisoned for talking to
In a newspaper interview conducted through his lawyer, the Rev. Nunzio
Scarano said, “I have told of episodes that could put me in danger,”
ANSA news service reported.
“I am trying to be stronger than the fear and nightmares that torment
me, but despite my prayers, I am certain that I will die by poisoning,”
Scarano added.  
Iran cancels annual anti-Zionism conference
part of an apparent effort to rebrand the Islamic Republic in
post-Ahmadinejad times, the New Horizon Conference, scheduled to take
place in November, was cancelled by the Foreign Ministry, reported The
Hardliners in Iran blasted the decision, which they see as another
concession on the part of the new government. Iran’s recently elected
president, Hassan Rouhani, has made a concerted effort to put a new face
on the regime in Tehran.   
Foreigners train Syrian rebels in Afghanistan to use chem weapons – Lavrov
are reports that some third countries are training Syrian rebels to use
chemical weapons in Afghanistan, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov
said. The intention is to put the skill to use in new false flag
actions in Syria, he explained.   
Bachmann: House could impeach ‘dictator’ Obama for his offenses
Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) said Tuesday that President Obama has
“committed impeachable offenses” and that the House could hold a hearing
to impeach.   
Judicial Watch Sues Michael Bloomberg for Gun Records
have good reason to suspect that New York taxpayers have been forced to
foot the bill for Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-gun group,” Judicial Watch
President Tom Fitton said in a statement. “We have records showing that
other municipalities also foot part of his anti-gun lobbying efforts.
And it is well past time for the public to have a full accounting from
Mayor Bloomberg about MAIG taxpayer-funded activities.”  
NBC Blasts Obamacare Exchanges: ‘The Focus of Ridicule’ and ‘A Complete Mess’
Nightly News reported on the disastrous rollout of Obamacare Thursday
night, with correspondent Tom Costello calling the website “the focus of
ridicule” and quoting experts who could hardly fathom a “worse launch
of a nationwide site.”   
Allen West: Obama Acting Like ‘Spoiled Brat’
Rep. Allen West of Florida said President Barack Obama’s refusal to
negotiate with Republicans is tantamount to the behavior of a “spoiled
“I can put it very basic Southern terms: a spoiled brat child,” West
told “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV.  
Obama rejects Republican offer of short-term debt limit plan
President rejected the offer because it didn’t include a provision to
reopen the federal government, which has been offering only
non-essential services since Oct. 1 because politicians failed to extend
spending authority.   
South Dakota blizzard kills, buries cows; shutdown leaves ranchers in the cold
in a scene from an apocalyptic parable, dark carcasses of cows and
steers lie motionless in silent clusters across swaths of South Dakota.
An early blizzard caught ranchers off guard this week in the state,
killing as many as 20,000 head of cattle, a state official says.
But ranchers say they are the real victims. The storm left many of them
in ruins, and now Washington is leaving them out in the cold.   
Tornado damage in Eads, Colorado
tornado hit the southeast Colorado community of Eads Thursday evening,
emergency officials in Kiowa County said.
Tornado hit about 6:30 p.m. and damaged two houses. Tornado also knocked
down power to the communities of Brandon, Sheridan Lake and Towner, The
Denver Channel reported.  
Republicans offer to raise US debt ceiling for six weeks
politicians have taken the first steps towards temporarily ending
America’s 10-day budget impasse after Republican leaders proposed a plan
to raise the US debt ceiling for six weeks to allow time for further

Senior Republican party members went to the White House to discuss the
proposal with Barack Obama seeking to break a political deadlock that
threatened to take the US to the brink of default for the first time in
its history.   

Earthquake in Thessaloniki Hits 4.4 on the Richter Scale
to the Athens Institute of Geodynamics, the earthquake occurred at 8.15
in the morning, 40 km east of Thessaloniki and its focal depth was 10
km. It is not yet known whether there are damages resulting from the
Syria: God is at Work
you hear about one Muslim coming to Christ, it’s a great thing, and
everybody rejoices,” said a VOM Syrian contact. “Today in Syria I’m not
talking about one person. We’re talking about hundreds and even
thousands of Muslims coming to know Christ.”   
Syria rebels executed civilians, says Human Rights Watch
forces in Syria killed as many as 190 civilians and seized more than
200 hostages during a military offensive in August, Human Rights Watch

A report by the US-based group says the deaths occurred in villages
inhabited predominantly by members of President Bashar al-Assad’s
minority Alawite sect near the coastal city of Latakia.

It said the findings “strongly suggest” crimes against humanity were

Cyclone Phailin: India’s Orissa and Andhra Pradesh prepare for storm
is preparing for a massive cyclone, which is sweeping through the Bay
of Bengal towards the country’s east coast.

Cyclone Phailin, categorised as “very severe” by weather forecasters, is
expected to hit Orissa and Andhra Pradesh states on Saturday.

The Meteorological Department has predicted winds of 205-215km (127-134
miles) at the time of landfall.   

Report: Iran nixes anti-Israel, anti-Zionism conference
officials have reportedly ordered the cancellation of an annual
anti-Israel and anti-Zionism conference set to take place in November,
Britain’s Daily Telegraph reported Thursday.

…Iran’s foreign ministry cancelled the New Horizon Conference, in the
latest move to demonstrate that the country is veering toward a new
diplomatic direction under the leadership of new President Hassan

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