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Security Council Resolution Is A Hall Pass for Assad
the fact that President Obama continues to champion the UN “Human
Rights” Council, on the final day of its recent session, administration
diplomats failed to get agreement on blaming Syria for August’s chemical
weapons attack.   
Pope Francis to ‘rip up and rewrite’ Vatican constitution
Maradiaga is hinting that the Pope is asking the fundamental question:
What can be decided in Rome and what at local level? How can the Roman
Curia serve bishops instead of being an office of censure and control?”   
Israelis and Palestinians aim to negotiate a ‘final’ peace deal after positive talks
and Palestinians have agreed to intensify peace talks aimed at reaching
a final agreement, not an interim accord, US Secretary of State John
Kerry has announced. 
Fire Raging at Historic Masonic Temple in Massachusetts
historic Quincy Masonic Building in Quincy, Massachusetts, started
catching fire at around noon on Monday. Built in 1926 and added to the
National Register of Historic Places in 1989, the structure features a
number of lodge rooms, a theater, a ballroom, and a library with oak
paneling. The building, which was recently put up for sale at $3
million, is located at 1170 Hancock Street.   
US government shuts down as Congress misses deadline
American people don’t want a shutdown and neither do I,” he said. Yet,
he added, the new health care law “is having a devastating impact. …
Something has to be done.” 
Biden speech garners mixed reviews at J Street
when he entered the meat and potatoes of his talk, Biden sounded much
more like a hawk than a J Street-style progressive.
“A nuclear armed Iran would pose an existential threat to Israel, an
unacceptable danger to world peace and security, including the
likelihood of a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, making everyone
less secure,”   
Oklahoma Earthquake Today 2013 Strikes Near Edmond
Oklahoma earthquake today 2013 has struck near Edmond. The Oklahoma
earthquake today October 1, 2013 struck outside Oklahoma City. Damage
assessment is pending.   
A New Muslim Vision: Rebuilding Solomon’s Temple Together
a devout Muslim, it would be a joy for me to see Prophet Solomon’s
Temple rebuilt as well. No, you did not hear me wrong. Prophet Solomon’s
Temple being rebuilt in all its magnificence and glory would be a great
delight for me, as it would be to any Muslim. Under different
circumstances, in an atmosphere of trust, love and brotherhood, Muslims
would welcome this with enthusiasm. The Temple of Solomon is also a
historically important place, and rebuilding it would be a wonderful
occasion for all believers to contemplate. 
False tsunami alarm wakes Bay of Plenty
residents were on edge this morning as a tsunami-siren followed about
four hours after an earthquake.
The siren, which was sounded just before 8am and turned out to be a
false alarm, came the day after tsunami data estimated Whakatane could
be hit by a seven-metre wall of water, once every 2500 years. So there
was “a bit of excitement” when the eastern Bay of Plenty town was shaken
awake by a magnitude 4.2 earthquake at 3.45am, then further roused by
the siren, Whakatane Beacon newspaper editor Mark Longley said.   
SHUTDOWN: Congress Fails to Reach Agreement by Midnight Deadline
has missed the deadline for averting the first partial government
shutdown in 17 years.

The Office of Management and Budget released a memo just before midnight
on Monday instructing agencies to “now execute plans for an orderly
shutdown due to the absence of appropriations.”   

Seeing light in a new light – Harvard-MIT researchers created new form of matter
the conventional wisdom about light researchers bind photons together
to form molecules. As a result, a never before seen form of matter, one
that was only theorized about, was created.   
Very strong earthquake M 6.7 off shore Kamchatka
very strong and deep earthquake M 6.7 hit off shore Kamchatka (Sea of
Okhotsk) on October 1, 2013 at 03:38 UTC. Both USGS and EMSC report same
magnitude at depth of about 570 km.   
Strong submarine eruption of Jebel Zubair volcano, Red Sea
new submarine eruption started on September 28, 2013 NW of the island
Jebel Zubair in the Red Sea. The ongoing eruption is SW of the 2011-12
eruption which created a new volcanic island there.   
Qaeda Plot Leak Has Undermined U.S. Intelligence
the nation’s spy agencies assess the fallout from disclosures about
their surveillance programs, some government analysts and senior
officials have made a startling finding: the impact of a leaked
terrorist plot by Al Qaeda in August has caused more immediate damage to
American counterterrorism efforts than the thousands of classified
documents disclosed by Edward Snowden, the former National Security
Agency contractor.  
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s a shelf cloud
you were in a windowless room, it was nearly impossible to miss the
low, ominous, gray cloud gliding slowly over Bozeman Monday morning.
Known as a shelf cloud, the formation is not unusual, National Weather
Service meteorologist Nick Langlieb said. However, it is unusual for a
shelf cloud to float so low to the ground. “It looked more ominous
because it wasn’t a couple thousand feet in the air,” he added.   
NPR: U.S. Has More Guns, Fewer Homicides than Russia
Public Radio (NPR) dug up some facts about shootings and gun crime
around the world and made a startling discovery–the U.S. has more guns
than Russia but fewer homicides.   
Last-ditch efforts to avert shutdown fail
Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., refused to negotiate anything but a
“clean” spending bill that would in no way affect the implementation of
Obamacare. The end result is the beginning of the government “shut
down” that many legislators … said they had hoped to avoid. 
Syria conflict: Chemical arms inspectors head to Damascus
team of international disarmament experts is due to arrive in Damascus
to begin work on dismantling Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal.

Syria says it will co-operate with the mission set up after a US-Russia
deal endorsed by the UN Security Council.

It is the first time the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical
Weapons (OPCW) has been asked to destroy a country’s chemical arms
during a war.   

Ancient Kingdom Discovered Beneath Mound in Iraq
city thrived between 3,300 and 2,900 years ago, said Cinzia Pappi, an
archaeologist at the Universität Leipzig in Germany. At the start of
this period, the city was under the control of the Assyrian Empire and
was used to administer the surrounding territory. Later on, as the
empire declined, the city gained its independence and became the center
of a kingdom that lasted for about 140 years, until the Assyrians
reconquered it.   
Venezuela expels three US diplomats over ‘sabotage’
has announced it is expelling three US diplomats, whom it accuses of
plotting to sabotage the economy.

President Nicolas Maduro said the diplomats have 48 hours to leave the
country, saying “Yankees, go home!”

Mr Maduro says he has evidence that the trio took part in a power-grid
sabotage in September and had bribed Venezuelan companies to cut down

Iranian FM: We have seen nothing but lies from Netanyahu
Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif slammed Prime Minister Binyamin
Netanyahyu’s rejection of Tehran’s overtures for diplomacy with the West
on Tuesday, accusing the Israeli premiere of “lies and actions to
deceive and scare.”

AFP quoted Zarif as saying that “international public opinion will not
let these lies go unanswered.”

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