27 Mar 2017

Scientists Discover Portal Into Parallel Universe. Will it Reveal God’s Hiding Place?
Scientists at the Center for Theoretical Physics of the Universe
believe they have discovered one of these portals via a newly discovered
subatomic particle called a heavy quark. It is believed that heavy
quarks have a “dark charge” which allows them to act as a bridge between
the two universes, but as scientists are unable to observe dark
particles or dark energy, no more is known about the parallel universe
other than the fact of its existence.

UN Leader’s Support for Jewish Temple a ‘Breath of Fresh Air’
“It is completely clear the Temple that the Romans destroyed in
Jerusalem was a Jewish temple,” Guterres said… it is particularly
outrageous that the UN has been hijacked by Israel’s enemies to
delegitimize the Jewish state.”

Polish PM joins European Union heads to sign Rome declaration
The Rome Declaration that the leaders will sign proclaims that
“Europe is our common future”, according to a copy obtained by AFP. It
went on to pledge to bring the suddenly diminished European Union – the
result of Brexit – more tightly together: “Europe is our common
future.We are determined to make the European Union stronger and more
resilient, through even greater unity”. “And in that sense, I’m glad
that the wording of the Declaration of Rome includes the language about
listening to people, about working with national governments and about
striving for peace and prosperity, and opportunity in the time ahead”.

Kushner to lead new WH office focused on using business ideas to fix gov’t bureaucracy
Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, will
be tapped to lead a new White House office that will effort to use
business solutions to fix “government stagnation”, a senior White House
official told Fox News Sunday. “We can confirm we are making an
announcement tomorrow to establish the White House office of American
Innovation and look forward to sharing additional details,” the official

More Syrian Rebels, Families Evacuate Homs under Regime Deal
Hundreds of rebels and their families left their last bastion in
Syria’s Homs city on Monday,as part of an ongoing evacuation expected to
be among the largest of its kind under a Russian-backed deal with the
regime, state media and a monitor said.

‘She’s as frosty as a storm’ Trump puts screws on Angela Merkel with ‘£300BN Nato bill’
With member countries pledging to contribute two per cent of their
GDP to defence in 2014, something only a handful do, Mr Trump has been
critical of those who he deems are not paying their fair share. The bill
is said to take into account how much Germany underspent by since 2002,
when Chancellor Merkel’s predecessor, Gerhard Schröder, pledged to
spend more on defence. It is said to have come to £250n, with £50n
interest added on.

‘Religious left’ emerging as U.S. political force in Trump era
“The election of Trump has been a clarion call to progressives in
the Protestant and Catholic churches in America to move out of a place
of primarily professing progressive policies to really taking action,”

PEGIDA marks anniversary with Nuremberg march against Islamization, EU & Erdogan
Another called on the Germans to “wake up” unless they want to see
the rule of the Sharia law as the country’s near future. “Sharia law
will become the supreme law. The constitution will land on the garbage
heap of history. Do you want this? Then finally wake up!” the sign read.

For First Time in Decades, “No Daylight” Between Israel and US, Ambassador Tells AIPAC
The governments of Israel and the United States are experiencing a
nearly unprecedented level of intimacy, Ron Dermer said, in what was
clearly an implicit criticism of relations with previous US
administrations. “For the first time in many years, perhaps even many
decades, there is no daylight between our two governments,” Dermer
declared to the thousands-strong crowd of pro-Israel participants.

UK Joins Trump Administration in Putting UNHRC ‘On Notice’ for Anti-Israel Bias
“Today we are putting the Human Rights Council on notice,” U.K.
Ambassador Julian Braithwaite told the UNHRC during the closing moments
of its latest session. The group approved four resolutions that
condemned Israeli policy on the Palestinians, and called on the Jewish
state to return control of the Golan Heights to Syria. “If things do not
change, in the future we will adopt a policy of voting against all
resolutions concerning Israel’s conduct in the occupied Syrian and
Palestinian territories,” Braithwaite said.

Pence: Trump is defender of Israel and Jewish people
“For the first time in a long time America has a president who will
stand with our allies and stand up to our enemies.” Regarding his
campaign pledge to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, Pence said only
this was under serious consideration.

IDF launches military exercises on two fronts, high alert on third
Israel embarked Sunday on two week-long military exercises – one
across the Golan to drill the forces’ preparedness for attack, and the
other in Judea and Samaria. Residents were warned the drills will be
accompanied by explosions.

Anti-Putin Opposition Energized by Biggest Protests in Years
Energized by the largest anti-government demonstrations in Russia
for at least five years, opponents of President Vladimir Putin are
preparing for a new wave of protests as the next presidential elections

Israelis warned of increased ISIS threat abroad ahead of Passover holiday
Leading into the Passover and summer travel seasons, Israel has raised
travel warnings to the highest level, cautioning Israelis against
traveling to Egypt’s Sinai region, Prime Minister’s Office
Counter-Terrorism Bureau Chief Eitan Ben David said at a special media
briefing on Monday. Ben David said that “the threat has grown, including
to Israelis in the coming period and is the gravest level of threat.”

‘Mossad attempted to turn French spies into double agents’
The Mossad, Israel’s national intelligence agency, attempted to
infiltrate French espionage services and turn some of its employees into
double agents who would provide Israel with secret intelligence…Le
Monde supported its claims by including in its report excerpts it had
obtained from an internal report written by French intelligence.
According to the report, the Mossad had tried to develop relationships
with French spies “to the point of crossing the line of turning them
into double agents.”

Eight school children feared dead in Japanese avalanche
Eight Japanese high school students are feared dead, after they were
caught in an avalanche at a ski resort. The avalanche occurred early on
Monday near Nasu in Tochigi prefecture, 120km (75 miles) north of Tokyo.
Eight students were found with no vital signs while more than 30 people
were injured, Japan’s Kyodo news agency said.

Cyclone Debbie: Thousands evacuate in Queensland, Australia
About 25,000 people have been told to evacuate as a cyclone carrying
winds up to 240km/h (150 mph) moves towards the Queensland coast.
Cyclone Debbie is expected to intensify into a Category 4 system before
it arrives early on Tuesday local time. Some people have refused to
leave despite warnings the destructive core could be as wide as 100km
(62 miles).

Chile pensions protest draws tens of thousands
Tens of thousands of people in Chile have taken part in demonstrations
against the country’s controversial privatised pension system.
Demonstrators called on the socialist government of Michelle Bachelet to
scrap the the system, which is managed by private funds. Critics say
the system benefits the rich but leaves poorer Chileans with a pension
below the minimum wage.

Syria fighters ‘take control’ of IS-held airbase near Raqqa
A US-backed force of Syrian Kurdish and Arab fighters say they have
taken full control of a key airbase held by the Islamic State group (IS)
near Raqqa. Its capture is seen as a significant step in the fight to
drive the jihadists out of the city, which has become their de facto
capital. Talal Sello, a spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces
(SDF), said they had seized Tabqa airport from militants.

After Terrorist Attack, a British City Linked to Jihadis Winces and Asks Why
Outside the Maasha’Allah internet cafe, Mohammed Hussain raised his
voice over the recorded Quranic verses blaring from the abaya shop two
doors down. He was furious that Britain’s latest terrorist attacker had
amplified his city’s stigma. “Why do all the jihadis come to
Birmingham?” he half-shouted, prompting a passing group of teenage girls
in bright-colored head scarves to frown, then giggle.

Female Athletes Crushed By ‘Women Who Were Once Men’
You’ve heard the expression, “Boys will be boys.” But what happens when a
brawny boy wants to be one of the girls – fiercely competing with
females in weightlifting, brutally tackling girls on the football field
or even dealing powerful knockout punches to ladies in a mixed
martial-arts cage?

Get ready for Calexit! Now Nigel Farage and the ‘Bad Boys of Brexit’ set their sights on splitting California in two
The ‘Bad Boys of Brexit’ who led the campaign to break Britain away from
the European Union have taken on a new exit challenge: splitting
California into two states. Former UKip leader Nigel Farage and Leave
backer Arron Banks have just returned from the United States, where they
helped raise $1million (£800,000) for a ‘Calexit’ campaign, which would
split California into two eastern and western regions.

Stunner! U.N. plan to ‘mark’ world population
If you believe the Bible is true, then you know it’s going to
happen. The “Mark of the Beast” is a staple of prophecy, a development
many evangelical Christians would take as a sign the end times have
truly begun. And Pastor Carl Gallups believes there are real, concrete
indications the United Nations has already started making preparations
to develop the very technology that could be used to register every
single person on Earth.

Judge OK’s Petition for America’s First ‘Genderless’ Person
A Portland student has become the first American to gain legal
designation as “genderless”, following a ruling by a Multnomah County
judge. The March 10 decision, reported for the first time on Thursday,
involved a 27-year-old who was born male but claimed to identify with no
gender whatsoever. Judge Amy Holmes, who approved the petition, also
last year approved a “non-binary” gender designation for another
Portland resident.

This Is The Nightmare Scenario For The GOP: A $2 Trillion Funding “Hole”
When one strips away the partisan rhetoric and posturing, the practical
impact of Friday’s GOP failure to repeal Obamacare has a specific
monetary impact: a funding hole that is at least $1 trillion bigger, and
perhaps as large as $2.2 trillion.

Cook County Illinois Suffers Largest Population Drop In Entire US
Illinois voters are voting with their feet. Not only are people
scrambling to get out of Cook County, but the entire state is suffering.

The Evidence That Russia Hacked The DNC Is Collapsing
The allegation – now accepted as incontrovertible fact by the “mainstream” media –
that the Russian intelligence services hacked the Democratic National
Committee (and John Podesta’s emails) in an effort to help Donald Trump
get elected recently suffered a blow from which it may not recover.

26 Mar 2017

Witches to cast spell on Trump … again!
Among the angry liberals who refuse to accept the 2016 presidential
election results that put Donald Trump in the Oval Office are witches
who will be gathering at midnight on Sunday to cast spells. Again.
Iran sanctions 15 US firms, citing Israel ties and ‘human rights’
Iran has imposed sanctions on 15 US companies for alleged human rights
violations and cooperating with Israel, the state news agency IRNA
reported on Sunday. The agency quoted Iran’s foreign ministry as saying
the companies had “flagrantly violated human rights” and cooperated with
Israel against the Palestinians. It was not immediately clear if any of
the companies, which included defense technology firm Raytheon, had any
dealings with Iran or whether they would be affected in any way by
Tehran’s action…
Israel’s coalition heads aim to end crisis
The heads of the parties in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s
coalition will meet on Sunday in an effort to resolve a crisis over the
fate of public broadcasting. Netanyahu has threatened to initiate
elections over the issue…But the other party heads in the coalition
oppose taking that step…“It is Kahlon who is forcing elections, and if
he does not agree, yes, we will go to elections,” Bitan said. “He is
leading us to a situation we don’t want. We expect Kahlon to go toward
Hamas closes Erez crossing between Gaza and Israel
The Hamas-controlled Interior Ministry closed the Erez crossing until
further notice on Sunday, a ministry spokesman said, a day after Hamas
accused Israel of assassinating a senior member of its military wing,
the Izzadin Kassam Brigades. “The closure of the Beit Hanoun crossing
[Erez] comes as a part of the steps being taken by the security
apparatus following the crime of assassinating Mazen Fuqaha,”
Hamas-controlled Interior Ministry Spokesman Iyad Bazm said in a
statement published on the ministry’s website.
Militia fighters decapitate 40 police officers in DR Congo
Militia fighters in DR Congo have decapitated about 40 police officers
in an ambush in the central province of Kasai, local officials say.
Fighters from the Kamwina Nsapu group attacked a police convoy. Six
policemen who spoke the local Tshiluba were freed, but the rest were
killed, Kasai Assembly President Francois Kalamba said.
Sylhet blasts kill four amid Bangladesh militant raid
Six people – two police officers and four civilians – have been killed
in twin bombings in north-eastern Bangladesh, officials say. The blasts
in Sylhet occurred near an apartment building where commandoes have been
trying to flush out a group of suspected Islamist militants. Earlier
many civilians were evacuated from the block of flats. The suspects have
refused to surrender.
Alexei Navalny, Russian opposition leader, arrested in Moscow
Russia’s main opposition leader, Alexei Navanly, has been arrested at an
anti-corruption protest he organised in the capital, Moscow, witnesses
say. Protesters tried to prevent a police van from taking him away.
Navalny is known for his anti-corruption campaign, which targeted senior
officials close to the Kremlin.
Cincinnati nightclub shooting: One dead, 14 injured, police say
One person has been killed and 14 injured in a shooting at a nightclub
in Cincinnati, Ohio. At least two gunmen were involved in the incident
at the Cameo Night Club, according to the Cincinnati Police Department.
There was no indication the shooting was terror-related, Assistant
Police Chief Paul Neudigate said on Twitter.
Witches to cast spell on Trump … again!
Among the angry liberals who refuse to accept the 2016 presidential
election results that put Donald Trump in the Oval Office are witches
who will be gathering at midnight on Sunday to cast spells. Again. They
already tried last month to conjure up magic to remove him from office.
Witches, exorcists and occultists say they again will cast a “binding
spell” designed to “bind Donald Trump and all who abet him.”
China Vice Premier Sees `Unstoppable Momentum’ of Globalization
Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli told a gathering of Asian leaders that
the world must commit to multilateral free trade under the World Trade
Organization and needs to reform global economic governance…“The river
of globalization and free trade will always move forward with
unstoppable momentum to the vast ocean of the global economy,” Zhang
said. China will remain a strong force in the world economy and for
peace and stability…
Anti-Semitism expressed by a quarter of the German population
“20-25% of the German population expresses anti-Semitism when it comes
to criticism of Israel,” says Dr. Andreas Zick of Bielefeld University.
Dr. Zick has been conducting surveys on xenophobia for years…”There is a
rise in anti-Semitism, especially in the right-wing, populist
movement,” said Dr. Zick to Ynet. “However, we are also seeing the
differences between traditional anti-Semitism, which is quite low, and
modern anti-Semitism, especially with regard to criticism of Israel,
which is on a big rise.”
Israel-Lebanon maritime dispute heats up
Nabih Berri, Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament, called Israel’s
proposed legislation to annex a section of disputed maritime territory a
“declaration of war.” In an interview with Lebanese media, Berri said,
“This will be the Shebaa Farms conflict at sea, which will open a
situation with many dangerous possibilities.”…Yedioth Ahronoth learned
that the Israeli government is planning to pass the Maritime Areas Bill,
which will define Israel’s economic waters and include the disputed
maritime territory between Lebanon and Israel.
OPEC, non-OPEC committee recommends extending oil output cut by six months
A joint committee of ministers from OPEC and non-OPEC oil producers
recommended extending by six months a global deal to reduce oil output,
it said in a statement on Sunday. OPEC and rival oil-producing countries
were meeting in Kuwait to review progress with their global pact to cut
supplies. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and 11
other leading oil producers including Russia agreed in December to cut
their combined output by almost 1.8 million barrels per day in the first
half of the year.
Iran denies harassing U.S. warships in Gulf, warns of clashes
Iran denied on Saturday U.S. accusations that its fast-attack boats were
“harassing” warships at the mouth of the Gulf, and said Washington
would be responsible for any clashes in the key oil shipping route. U.S.
Navy commanders earlier accused Iran of jeopardizing international
navigation by “harassing” warships passing through the Strait of Hormuz
and said future incidents could result in miscalculation and lead to an
armed clash.
Erdogan says Turkey may hold referendum on EU accession bid
President Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday Turkey may hold a second
referendum on whether to continue with European Union accession talks,
following a planned vote on April 16 that could give him sweeping new
“They’re Like The Praetorian Guard” – Whistleblower Confirms NSA Targeted Congress, The Supreme Court, & Trump
“Inside NSA there are a set of people who are… are targeting and
looking at all the members of the Supreme Court, the Joint Chiefs of
Staff, Congress, both House and Senate, as well as the White House”
McCain: “The New World Order Is Under Enormous Strain”
In a “new world order under enormous strain” and in “the titanic
struggle with forces of radicalism … we can’t stand by and lament, we’ve
got to be involved,” said John McCain who quoted by the EU Observer. “I
trust the EU,” he said, defending an opposite view from that of US
president Donald Trump, who said in January that the UK “was so smart in
getting out” of the EU and that Nato was “obsolete.”
Iraq suspends Mosul offensive after coalition airstrike atrocity
Iraqi military leaders have halted their push to recapture west Mosul
from Islamic State as international outrage grew over the civilian toll
from airstrikes that killed at least 150 people in a single district of
the city.
There Will Be Those Who Perish In The Next Crisis, And Those “Who Survive In Underground Luxury”
The Oppidum is billed as “the largest billionaire bunker in the
world.” This top-secret facility, once a joint project between the
former Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic and
Slovakia), was built over 10 years beginning in 1984. The premiere
apocalypse dwelling is a place that billionaires can live out the
horrors of the apocalypse- be it zombie or other- in luxury with every
amenity you could ever hope for.
Air Force’s Mysterious X-37B Space Plane Breaks Orbital Record
The ongoing mission of the U.S. Air Force’s robotic X-37B space plane is
now the longest in the clandestine program’s history. As of today
(March 25), the X-37B has spent 675 days on its latest Earth-circling
mission, which is known as Orbital Test Vehicle-4 (OTV-4). The previous
record was 674 days, set during OTV-3, which lasted from December 2012
to October 2014.

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