19 June 2017
Judicial Watch announces major lawsuit against DOJ — and it involves James Comey
In a statement, Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton called it a
“scandal” that his organization has to sue the government in order to
secure the release of the memo. “That we have to sue in federal court to
get a document that was read to a reporter at The New York Times is a
scandal,” Fitton said. “This Comey memo should be released forthwith
and, frankly, the president can and should order its immediate release.”
Islamic Extremist Numbers Swell To Thousands In Sweden
“We have never seen anything like it before,” said Anders Thornberg,
chief of SAPO, Sweden’s security force. “We would say that it has gone
from hundreds to thousands now.”
Earthquake & tsunami cause major flooding in Greenland
Earthquake & tsunami cause major flooding in Greenland. The western
coast of Greenland has been struck with a 4.0 magnitude earthquake,
triggering a tsunami.
Marine Le Pen elected to French parliament for the first time on her FIFTH attempt
MARINE Le Pen has been elected to the French parliament for the
first time as Emmanuel Macron’s party looks set to sweep to victory.
HANDSHAKE THAT STARTS BREXIT: Davis tells EU ‘there’s more that unites us than divides us’
BREXIT finally got under way in Brussels this morning with a
handshake and warm words of reconciliation between Britain and its
European allies.
Report: Jerusalem building freeze halting plans for 6,000 housing units
The government has ordered a de facto construction freeze for 6,000
housing units in the capital, including in the contested neighborhoods
of Gilo, Har Homa and Pisgat Zeev…According to the report, 2,200 units
will be halted in Gilo, several thousand Har Homa, and hundreds more
Pisgat Zeev. Gallant’s announcement…followed US President Donald Trump’s
February request to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington to
“hold back on settlements.”
Jewish groups condemn London mosque attack, express solidarity with UK Muslims
Several Jewish groups extended their condolences and issued
condemnations on Monday after a van plowed into a group of worshippers
leaving a London mosque in the early hours of the day. At least 10
people were injured in the incident that British authorities were
treating as a potential terrorist attack. If confirmed would make it the
fourth since March in Britain and the third to involve a vehicle
deliberately driven at pedestrians.
UNHRC holds special session on Israeli-Palestinian conflict
The United Nations Human Rights Counsel is holding its annual discussion
on Agenda Item 7, which is the mandated debate on the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict that the UNHRC must hold at every session.
The UNHRC meets three times a year and is now holding its 35th session.
‘Half’ Nigeria food aid for Boko Haram victims not delivered
Up to half the food aid meant for people who have fled Nigeria’s
Islamist insurgency has reportedly not been delivered, the government
says. It described it as a “diversion of relief materials”, which
correspondents say is a euphemism for theft. A statement from the acting
president’s office added that security was being beefed up to protect
the deliveries.
Mali attack: Two dead as gunmen storm tourist resort
Gunmen have stormed a tourist resort in Mali popular with Westerners and
two people are dead, the country’s security minister has said. “It is a
jihadist attack. Malian special forces intervened and hostages have
been released,” Salif Traore told AFP news agency. “Unfortunately for
the moment there are two dead, including a Franco-Gabonese.”
France polls: Macron’s party wins clear parliamentary majority
French President Emmanuel Macron’s party has won a clear parliamentary
majority, results show, weeks after his own presidential victory. With
nearly all votes counted, his La République en Marche, alongside its
MoDem allies, won more than 300 seats in the 577-seat National Assembly.
The winning margin is lower than some expected, with turnout down from
Finsbury Park attack: Theresa May condemns ‘sickening’ terror attack
Prime Minister Theresa May says the terror attack near a north London
mosque is “every bit as sickening” as recent attacks to hit the UK. She
was speaking after a man died and 10 people were injured when a man
drove a van into worshippers near a north London mosque. Eight people
were taken to hospital after the attack outside the Muslim Welfare
Sao Paulo Gay Pride draws huge crowd and call to protect rights
The parade drew three million, organisers say, with the motto: “Whatever
our beliefs, no religion is law.” Huge crowds have taken part in this
year’s Gay Pride parade in Brazil’s biggest city, Sao Paulo.
Democrats fume over ‘secret’ Republican healthcare bill
Democrats gearing up for a new round of battles against Republican
efforts to do away with Barack Obama’s signature health care law are
condemning a US Senate replacement bill being crafted by Republicans
behind closed doors. Senator Bernie Sanders urged Democrats on Sunday to
do “everything they can” to oppose a Republican bill that for weeks has
been drafted by party leaders in secret.
Saudi Arabia says it disrupts attack on offshore oil field
Saudi Arabia says it has disrupted an attack on a major offshore
oilfield. A military statement published Monday on the state-run Saudi
Press Agency said three boats “bearing red and white flags” raced toward
its Marjan offshore oil field. The military said sailors fired warning
shots and captured one of the boats while two others escaped in the
assault Friday. It said the captured boat “was loaded with weapons for
(a) subversive purpose.”
Report: Israel actively supporting Syrian rebels
Israel has reportedly been regularly supplying Syrian rebels near the
border for years with money, food, fuel and medical equipment, according
to the New York Times. According to the report published on Sunday, the
goal of the covert involvement is to create a buffer zone between the
two countries populated by friendly forces.
Jared Kushner Traveling to Israel to ‘Discuss’ ‘Possibility’ of Reviving Peace Talks
Senior advisers to US President Donald Trump will visit Jerusalem
and Ramallah this week to revive peace talks, a White House official
confirmed on Monday. Middle East Envoy Jason Greenblatt is expected to
arrive on Monday, followed by Senior White House Adviser Jared Kushner
on Wednesday.
Israel, Greece, Cyprus Plan Massive Underwater Gas Pipeline
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, his Greek counterpart Alexis
Tsipras and Cypriot president Nicos Anastasiades said plans would be
expedited to develop a pipeline to carry natural gas from Israeli and
Cypriot reserves in the eastern Mediterranean to Europe.
‘An attack on one religion is an attack on all religions’
“We condemn this attack and its attempt to escalate tensions in the
UK and we stand firmly besides our Muslim brothers and sisters in the
aftermath of this attack.
Report: Turkey troops arrive in Qatar for long-planned drills
Turkish troops have arrived in Qatar for long-planned joint military
exercises, Al Jazeera reported on Monday, a deployment made possible by
legislation fast-tracked by Turkey following a diplomatic rift between
Doha and four other Arab states.
Pope Francis names two rabbis to Pontifical Academy of Life in historic first
Two rabbis, one from Israel and one from Argentina, were appointed
by Pope Francis to the Pontifical Academy of Life, the first time rabbis
have been invited to be members. Pope Francis appointed 45 new ordinary
members and five honorary members to the advisory body of the academy,
the Vatican announced last week.
Trump Attorney: The President Is Not Under Investigation
Jay Sekulow, one of the attorneys representing President Donald
Trump, told several Sunday morning news shows that Trump “is not under
Israel Hayom | New bill aims to make it harder to divide Jerusalem
Habayit Hayehudi initiative aims to ensure that only an 80-MK majority
can approve changes to Jerusalem’s status, especially potential division
as part of a peace deal • Party says bill aims to stand against
concessions made to the Palestinians.
Jews and Christians are guests as taboo-breaking liberal mosque opens in Berlin
With a mission to spread a liberal form of Islam, a mosque where men and
women pray side by side has opened its doors in Berlin, complete with
female imams.
U.S-Led Coalition Shoots Down Syrian Warplane
“…The General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces, warning of
the serious consequences of this blatant attack on counterterrorism
efforts,… and exposes the malicious intentions of the United States of
America in the management and investment of terrorism to achieve
its objectives in passing the American Zionist project in the region.
Van Slams Into Pedestrians Near London Mosque Leaving “Number Of Casualties”, Driver Arrested
A van plowed into pedestrians on Seven Sisters road in the Finsbury Park
area in north London just after 12:20am London Time, in what the police
has described a “major incident.” There are “a number of casualties
being worked on at the scene,” London police said in a statement, with many injured according to initial press reports.
Deep Throat 2! It Was NOT Once! Comey Was a Serial Leaker!
President Trump’s legal team is prepared to show a long trail of leaks
to the New York Times by former FBI Director James Comey, dating back to
at least March.
It Was Obama’s DOJ, Not The Russians Who Tried To Influence Presidential Election
…The real evidence that has been exposed over and over again points to
the scandal of Obama’s OWN administration spying on American citizens.
Jeff Sessions should NOT have testified in front of Congress.  The media
and Congress continue to ignore the scandals and wrongdoings of Obama’s
administration, which clearly shows it was Obama’s DOJ that interfered
with the election.

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