Mexican Official Threatens United States With “Chaos” 
A former Mexican government official says that in response to President
Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigration, his nation might stop
cooperating with the United States in the war against the drug cartels,
which would unleash what an analysis has described as “chaos and
Sierra Nevada snowpack is largest in 22 years — and more snow is on the way
After a month of huge blizzards and “atmospheric river” storms, the
Sierra Nevada snowpack — source of a third of California’s drinking
water — is 177 percent of the historic average, the biggest in more than
two decades.  
Nun shocks Church by suggesting Jesus’s mother wasn’t a virgin 
A Catholic nun in Spain has caused outrage after she suggested that the
Virgin Mary may not have been a virgin after all. The controversial
Dominican nun invited the ire of the Catholic Church who responded to
her statements in anger.
YouTube Shuts Down Sermon Channel, Claiming ‘Deceptive Practices’
YouTube temporarily shut down a popular sermon channel, claiming the
videos violated their terms of agreement, including “deceptive
practices, and misleading content or other Terms of Service violations.”
Trump Blasts CNN (AGAIN) Labels Them “Fake News” 
Donald Trump’s war with CNN is becoming more intense, as the president
is again labeling the network “fake news” and is now precluding his
officials from making appearances on the cable giant.
New York Gov. Seeks to Enshrine Abortion in State Constitution in Case Roe v. Wade Overturned 
The Democratic governor of New York is calling for lawmakers to pass a
bill enshrining abortion as a right in the state Constitution in the
event that the U.S. Supreme Court ever overturns Roe v. Wade.  
Petraeus Warns “World order under unprecedented threat” 
Retired Gen. David Petraeus warned lawmakers on Wednesday that the world
order created in part by the United States in the 20th century is under
“unprecedented threat from multiple directions,” pointing to Russia,
China, Islamist extremists and cyber threats.
Trump Puts Tehran ‘On Notice’ After Missile Test…. 
The White House on Wednesday sharply condemned Iran’s recent ballistic
missile test launch and accused Tehran of threatening the U.S. allies in
the region, and warned of unspecified consequences. “As of today, we
are officially putting Iran on notice,” national security adviser
Michael Flynn told reporters during a daily press briefing.

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