14 Dec 15
New Chief of Mossad Calls on God for Help in Defending Israel
recognized divine providence in Israel when he stated, as reported by
Walla, “Without siyata de’shamaya (“heavenly aid” in Aramaic), the State
of Israel would not have been established.”  
much more depraved can ISIS get? Group’s Sharia judges order children
with Down’s syndrome and other disabilities to be killed in chilling

have issued a fatwa which orders children with Down’s syndrome and
other disabilities to be killed in a chilling echo to the workings of
the Nazis,  
Powerful Alaska Storm Ties Strongest on Record
potent storm approaching western Alaska this weekend has tied the
strongest recorded storm to impact the region.
This storm comes a little over a year after ex-Super Typhoon Nuri became
the most powerful system on record to cross Dutch Harbor, Alaska…  
Winter Storm Echo Spreading Heavy Snow From West to Upper Midwest
Storm Echo will continue to spread a blanket of heavy snow throughout
the Rockies on Monday before shifting into the northern Plains and Upper
Midwest Tuesday into Wednesday. Echo brought heavy snow to the Sierra
Nevada and the Cascades of the Pacific Northwest over the weekend.  
More than 700,000 evacuated as Typhoon Melor reaches Philippines
than 700,000 people were evacuated in the Philippines on Monday as
Typhoon Melor reached sustained winds up to 130 mph. The fierce storm,
known locally as Nona, is bearing down on coastal areas with heavy winds
and rain. Melor intensified rapidly over the weekend as it moved toward
the eastern island of Samar,  
‘We have a LIMIT’ Turkey runs out of patience with Russia after warship FIRES on boat
Foreign minister has said patience with Russia “has a limit” after a
Russian warship fired a warning shot at a Turkish ship in the Aegean
Sea, raising tensions further between the two nations.  
Russia continues military buildup around Turkey
garrisons are being deployed near the Armenia’s border with Turkey on
the Armenian government’s request, media reported Monday. According to
local media, the decree to send the troops to Armenia was already signed
by Russian President Putin, and the deployment will start soon.  
Obama Praises 196-Country Climate Deal; Republicans Say Pact Not Legally Binding
agreement is no more binding than any other ‘agreement’ from any
Conference of the Parties over the last 21 years,” he said, according to
CNN. “Senate leadership has already been outspoken in its positions
that the United States is not legally bound to any agreement setting
emissions targets or any financial commitment to it without approval by
Erdogan Rejects Demands to Pull Out Turkish Troops From Iraq
declared on Friday he would not bow to Iraqi demands he withdraw
Turkish troops from a camp close to the Islamic State-held city of
Mosul, and Baghdad said it would ask the UN Security Council to order
them to leave.
Twitter warns of ‘state-sponsored’ attacks designed to obtain sensitive data
has warned some users their accounts may have been targeted by
“state-sponsored actors,” allegedly attempting to obtain sensitive data,
such as email and IP addresses, as well as phone numbers. It’s the
first time the microblogging service has issued such a warning. A
Winnipeg-based non-profit Canadian organization Coldhak reported having
received a warning from Twitter and posted a copy of the letter online.  
Sarin materials brought via Turkey & mixed in Syrian ISIS camps – Turkish MP to RT
State terrorists in Syria received all necessary materials to produce
deadly sarin gas via Turkey, Turkish MP Eren Erdem has told RT,
insisting there are grounds to believe a cover up has taken place.  
Quantum physics problem proved unsolvable: Godel and Turing enter quantum physics
mathematical questions are `undecidable’ – they are neither true nor
false, but are beyond the reach of mathematics. What we’ve shown is that
the spectral gap is one of these undecidable problems. This means a
general method to determine whether matter described by quantum
mechanics has a spectral gap, or not, cannot exist. Which limits the
extent to which we can predict the behaviour of quantum materials, and
potentially even fundamental particle physics.”  
Scientists teach machines to learn like humans
team of scientists has developed an algorithm that captures our
learning abilities, enabling computers to recognize and draw simple
visual concepts that are mostly indistinguishable from those created by
Seismic activity intensifies in Azerbaijan
activity intensified in Azerbaijan as the country faced about 7,000
earthquakes in 2015.
Magnitude of more than 80 earthquakes ranged from 3.1 to 5.9, and
tremors of 17 were felt, the Republican Seismological Service Center
Rabbi Tapped for Hanukkah Reception by White House Pushes Black Lives Matter, Gun Control, ‘Justice for Palestinians’
rabbi and Black Lives Matter activist used her speech at last week’s
official White House Hanukkah reception to promote the Black Lives
Matter movement, gun control, open immigration for “all” and “justice
for Palestinians.”

Susan Talve, a Reform rabbi, also altered one of the Hebrew
blessings…before lighting the candles of the menorah, adding the
female equivalent to the word “forefathers.”  

Planned Parenthood files federal lawsuit against Ohio health department
for Planned Parenthood sued Ohio on Sunday, asking a judge to block
what it argues is an attempt by the state’s top attorney to stop the
organization from providing abortion services, court filings showed.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Cincinnati on behalf of three
Planned Parenthood locations where abortions are performed, is seeking a
restraining order and a preliminary injunction against the state of

IS conflict: Turkey withdraws some troops from Iraq camp
is withdrawing some of its troops stationed at a base in Iraq, the
country’s state-run news agency says.

Anadolu quoted military officials as saying a 10- or 12-vehicle convoy
had left Bashiqa camp and was moving north.

Turkey has deployed troops near the city of Mosul, which is controlled
by the jihadist group Islamic State, since 2014 to train Iraqi Kurdish

US joins Hungary protest over pro-Nazi Homan statue
and other diplomats joined a rally in Hungary against a planned statue
honouring a pro-Nazi minister who fomented anti-Semitism in the 1930s.

The diplomats were with several hundred Hungarians at a candle-lit
protest in Szekesfehervar, southwest of Budapest.

The town’s mayor says a private foundation is entitled to honour Balint
Homan with a life-size bronze statue.  

Erdogan talks of positive impact of improved Turkey-Israel ties
the midst of a deep crisis with Russia, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip
Erdogan…made his first conciliatory statement toward Israel in years
on Monday…

“This normalization process has a lot to offer to us, to Israel, to
Palestine and also to the region,” the Turkish daily Habertürk quoted
Erdoğan as saying on a return trip from Turkmenistan. “The region needs

India’s Failing Gold Monetization Scheme: Seizure Imminent?
newest gold monetization scheme has been a colossal failure. After one
month, it has netted only one kilogram (2.2 pounds avoirdupois) out of
an estimated 20,000 tonnes (44 million pounds avdp) of privately-held
gold. Why is that? Well, let’s look at how the program works.  
The Neocon’s Hegemonic Goal Is Driving The World To Extinction
warning that the neoconservatives have resurrected the threat of
nuclear Armageddon, which was removed by Reagan and Gorbachev, is also
being given by Noam Chomsky, former US Secretary of Defense William
Perry, and other sentient observers of the neoconservatives’ aggressive
policies toward Russia and China.  
Dozens die in strikes on Syrian school district, other areas
air and missile strikes on a school district and other areas in
insurgent-held Damascus suburbs killed dozens of people on Sunday,
including children, a monitoring group and local rescue workers said.  
Hispanic activists vow to flood voter rolls with 1 million immigrants, punish Trump, GOP at polls
rights activists have vowed to sign up 1 million immigrants — mostly
Mexicans — for citizenship and then quickly register them to vote in
time to punish Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans at the polls in
November for their harsh rhetoric.  
Earthquake swarm shakes east-central Idaho
Idaho — More than 40 small earthquakes were recorded in east-central
Idaho last week in what experts say is another earthquake swarm in the
Putin Tells Defense Chiefs to Strengthen Russian Nuclear Forces
Vladimir Putin ordered defense chiefs to strengthen Russia’s strategic
nuclear forces amid rising tensions with the U.S. over the global
balance of power. New weapons should go to “all parts” of the nuclear
triad of air, sea, and land forces, Putin told a Defense Ministry
meeting in Moscow on Friday. Action must also be taken “to improve the
effectiveness of missile-attack warning systems and aerospace defense.”  

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