With God all Things are Possible

With men it is impossible, but not with God: for
with God all things are possible. Mark 10:27
Many people who came to
Jesus for help had reached the point in their lives when they knew that help
could come from nowhere else but from God; they had tried all means known to
them, but found them unhelpful, so in desperation, they turned to Jesus.
Outside of Jesus, their cases were hopeless. At times we are also faced with
life threatening challenges that have defied all known human solutions. Where
do we go from there? Despair results if we continue to seek solution where we
know it cannot be found: with man. But in the face of such situations, we must
come to Jesus, because with Him nothing is without solution. The equation
changes the moment we bring Christ into the situation.
Are you faced with a situation
today that is termed an impossible one and you are wondering how to get out of
it? As long as you have your eyes on man for help, that impossible situation will
continue to reside with you. for a moment it may pay off to look away from what
man can do and rather put your total trust in the power of God that doesn’t
fail. I understand that there are times when we think that man is nearer to us
than God is and so it seems most rational to look for a man, but nothing can be
further from the truth than that because God is nearer at any time than the
nearest person is to you. But you must come in total trust, knowing that He is
able and willing to do what none else can do for you. Many have failed to
receive help from God because they came to try if God can do it for them. But
we must come to God knowing and trusting that He is able and willing to do
something about our needs.
God invites you today to
cast all those cares upon Him because He cares for you like none else does. You
can trust Him. I pray that God intervenes in your situation with His mighty
power and bring you the change you have longed to experience as you trust Him today,
in Jesus name. Amen.

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