Celebrating the Amazing Wonders of God

Apart from the universe, there are other fundamental things that show the wonders of God. One of such wonders is that God became a man (Jesus) to save mankind. For this reason, man owes God his life. Why did God have to become a man in the first place? The answer is simple: man sinned against God and a holy and acceptable sacrifice was needed to atone for man’s sin. Unfortunately, no one was qualified to die for man because all have sinned and come short of the glory (standard, expectation, demand, qualification) of God (Romans 3:23).

God is both holy and loving and He wanted to deal with sin and at the same time show His love for man. Arguably, angels couldn’t pay the price for man because they are not flesh and blood. Therefore, God wanted a holy man who could die for man’s sin and still lives. So, God became a man in the person of Jesus Christ.

We should note that in the beginning was the Word but not the Son (John1:1). And the same Scripture goes on to say that the Word was God. Thus, our translation from sin to righteousness is a great wonder (1 John 3:1). In other words, God came to dwell in the hearts of people who put their faith in Jesus. Amazingly, the heaven can’t contain God but our hearts can. This is why the Scripture says that God is knocking at our hearts to come in and fellowship with us (Revelation 3:20). Will you open the door of your heart to Him?

Another wonder of God is that man was sick spiritually and physically. However, the death of Jesus also took care of man’s sickness (Isaiah 53:4-5).

Again, Jesus is about to return. Does that sound impossible? The fact is that God will rapture His people contrary to the laws of nature. As the law of gravity could not stop Jesus from ascending to heaven, it will not stop the saints from ascending to heaven to meet with their Lord. I can’t wait to see that day!

Before then, if you are reading this sermon and you have not believed that Christ is your Lord and Saviour and you have not confessed Him as your Lord and Saviour, I want to encourage you to do so now because the next moment might be too late. You will never regret that you did. Remain blessed!

Prophetic Word: “The greatest implement of our warfare is our mouth.”

*This message was preached by Pastor Toni Ogobegwu on December 18, 2005.

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